Letters to the Editor

Trump animus drives paper

The Herald-Leader has ratcheted up it anti-conservative rhetoric with a venom and enthusiasm I’ve never witnessed in 25 years of taking the paper. It’s always been slanted to the left, but with Donald Trump’s election it’s gone supernova.

Any semblance of fair reporting is gone and many liberal opinion writers get huge spaces on the Opinions page, while articulate conservative viewpoints are missing. The latest “save the immigrant children” hysteria is laughable. Why no screaming over a similar policy when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were presidents? Why no touting of an improved economy and an historic summit with North Korea?

It’s hatred of Trump, pure and simple. The man knows how to get things moving and once the Russia scam didn’t stick, the liberals moved on, desperate to find something. We provide health care and benefits to people who sneak into our country. It’s time to sort it out.

J.D. Mackey