Letters to the Editor

Keep health care available

As consumer health advocates, we were heartened to learn that a federal court struck down onerous Medicaid work requirements for Kentuckians. We believe work requirements run counter to the core value of the Medicaid program: to provide quality care for low-income populations.

We were also encouraged when Gov. Matt Bevin, after his decision to slash dental and vision benefits from the Medicaid program in retaliation for the court’s decision, reversed that decision and restored those benefits.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are now set to open a new comment period on the Kentucky waiver and we urge them, as well as the state, to keep the health of Kentuckians top of mind throughout the health reform process.

Implementing burdensome work requirements for the most vulnerable residents, who research shows already work, only puts health care out of reach for those who need it most.

Donna Christensen, M.D.

Board member, Consumers for Quality

Washington, D.C.