Letters to the Editor

Sad state of the country

I have never felt so sad and hopeless about my country as I do now. I always felt that the democracy we cherish would always be in place and that the checks and balances built into it would protect it from wannabe dictators.

Of course, that is only if our representatives put country over politics. That is obviously not the case. Our leadership is mean-spirited and self-serving.

Lies and chaos are the daily fare of our White House and few seem to care. The press is being called the “enemy of the people” for diligently trying to inform Americans of what is true and what is not. Our allies are treated like our enemies while our enemies are embraced and praised.

Tax cuts for the rich are sought while the middle class and the poor are ignored. Scientific evidence of climate change is called a hoax and regulations to reduce the destruction of our environment are reversed. Racism, sexism and violence are given permission to flourish by those who should display the highest form of civility.

It is my greatest hope that the mid-term elections will bring some needed relief to our dismal situation. If not, then God help America.

Barbara Plymale