Letters to the Editor

Downhill slide for H-L

Two of the syndicated columnists I enjoy the most, Carolyn Hax and John Rosemond, are no longer in the Herald-Leader, eliminated by your wrong-headed attempts to save money and save the very existence of the newspaper, I suspect.

You may tell me that I can find these columns online. But I will tell you that you don't know your readers. I get the newspaper delivered to my home because I want to have a physical paper in my hands while I drink my morning coffee. If I wanted to go online, I would end my subscription and visit sites that offer superior news and information for free.

I have been a subscriber for years, and I want to continue to support my local newspaper. But with each passing day, the newspaper gives me fewer reasons to be loyal to it. I hope you can reverse this saddening trend.

Steven Froehlich