Letters to the Editor

Letters: Banning Alex Jones dangerous censorship

Censorship slippery slope

The recent removal of Alex Jones’s Infowars content from many social media platforms, and the Apple podcast service, sets a bad precedent.

I completely disagree with Jones’ divisive rhetoric, but does that mean he should be censored? Where does this stop? Will other conservative content creators, like Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro face the same fate, or will we set a standard of open communication?

Censorship is a slippery slope and we should make sure it is used appropriately. Large technology companies, such as Google and Facebook, have a responsibility to their users to openly provide content. Something should be done to ensure they uphold their promise of an open space for communication.

Nathan Maggard


‘Roe v. Wade’ not enemy

Even if those conducting jihad against Roe v. Wade succeed, their victory is symbolic.

Abortion will continue in blue states while in red states it will retreat to the back rooms as liberals work away so that red-state women can find safe, legal abortions elsewhere. Don’t forget, abortion is almost as old as pregnancy.

As things are, opponents remain free to preach against abortion, while the law forces abortion on no one. If they win, millions of women suddenly lose a freedom.

Who has sovereignty over the life of a fetus? The state? The self-appointed spokesman for the unborn? Or the woman who has given life to the fetus and sustains it?

Americans put life at risk in many ways -— on our highways, in our wars, at our workplaces and even in our play. Why is allowing a pregnant women choice such a stretch?

Will Sutter


Putin pulls the strings

The Helsinki lovefest between an American president and a Russian autocrat reminds me of when the Russian-occupied zone of Germany (at which time Russian President Vladimir Putin was a KGB agent) lured and bought well-known personalities to defect from the American-occupied zone.

Putin’s 18 years as a spy master is a reminder of, and testimony to, his masterful manipulations and caginess, combined with technical expertise and evil talent. It would appear that once again Putin put his considerable talents to work to lure an American president to defect into the camp of the enemy by withholding damaging evidence.

It seems that Putin brilliantly accomplished his goal — to make the president of the United States his puppet.

Christine Richards


Balance guns, lives

Now we have a higher tax rate and schools are even more like prisons. Next we ought to have a tax hike to supply us with bulletproof outfits. My right to own a gun is undermining my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The sooner we work out an equitable balance, the less drain on our resources and the less unjust loss of life we will experience.

Suzanne Zivari


School-tax queries

When did I vote for this school tax? My most recent water bill had a charge of $1.48 for school district tax, my most recent gas bill had a charge of 99 cents for school tax and the most recent electric bill had a tax of $3.15 for “rate increase for school tax.” All of this totaled $5.62. Can I assume this money will go into security for the schools?

Tom Dixon