Letters to the Editor

Letters: More awareness of pancreatic cancer urgent

Cancer not just pink

I am concerned about the lack of awareness and information on cancers other than breast cancer. I didn’t realize there were so many types of cancer until I was 23, when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Some of them are more life-threatening than breast cancer.

Everyone goes pink for breast cancer. Some police cars have pink ribbons on them, and stores sell breast-cancer awareness items. The news channels cover stories about breast cancer awareness, but how often is attention put on other forms of cancer?

I think it is a great thing that breast cancer receives so much attention, but people need to be informed that there are even more serious cancers out there.

Katie Smith


Cut trade deficit

At this time, we have a $500-billion trade deficit with China. We have asked for assistance to cut this by $200 billion. China has refused. If we continue with these large deficits, one of three results will occur, perhaps all three.

First, China will use the accumulated cash to buy property and businesses in the United States, driving up prices for homes and U.S.-made goods. This can price our citizens out of certain markets.

Second, China can use the cash to buy U.S. government bonds. We then pay China interest at the expense of increased taxes or the reduction of assistance/infrastructure programs.

Third, China holds the cash, putting pressure on our markets. In response, the U.S. Treasury issues more currency, fueling inflation.

All of these possibilities impact quality of life, so working to reduce trade deficits benefits all of us.

Don Dziubakowski


Trump befouls the past

Has the nation forgotten the rape of German women by the Russians? Have we forgotten the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis or the Russian invasion of Afghanistan?

The actions of President Donald Trump harm the memory of President Ronald Reagan and the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the freedom granted to a portion of Germany, Poland and the Baltic states with the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Trump’s treasonous statements at Helsinki have stained the life of every living American and every American who was wounded or killed by Soviet weapons, military advisers or Russian mercenaries in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria.

His support of Russia and its president and former KGB operative, Vladimir Putin, has besmirched the memory of the people murdered by Joseph Stalin, those killed in the invasion of Crimea and those assassinated by Putin.

Why is Trump catering to Putin?

David O. Smith


Economics misunderstood

A recent letter writer claimed the abandonment of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal is the reason for our current debt. FDR’s disastrous run as president lies at the root of all our budget woes. Had it not been for the Reagan revolution and its temporary reprieve from the creeping socialist rot, we would have lost the Cold War.

The contention that “tax cuts hurt the middle class” is beyond asinine. Tax cuts are the reason more people are returning to the middle class, because they can finally find jobs. They also leave more money in people’s pockets each April 15. Complaints of still very-moderate interest rates can’t be taken seriously after the Obama years when, out of political interest, low rates helped explode the deficit and kept responsible people from being able to get any return on savings.

Mike Rose


Barr’s Gold Star support

In 2013, my son, my daughter and her husband were deployed. My son arrived back in the United States on Dec. 17, 2013. My daughter and her husband arrived on U.S. soil on Dec. 30, 2013, when she accompanied her husband’s body home after he was killed by a vehicle-borne bomb.

Congressman Andy Barr immediately offered condolences to our daughter and any assistance she might need. He and his staff helped her navigate through a web of bureaucracy. He visited our daughter at our home without fanfare or media, listened and offered compassion.

He was present at a Pentagon ceremony honoring our son-in-law and participated at the dedication of the Gold Star Family Memorial at Camp Nelson and in Memorial Day commemorations.

Barr has supported the Gold Star and military communities. For this reason and for his service to Central Kentucky, I support Barr.

Nancy Pounds


Equality ‘too liberal’?

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” and “organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.” Rep. Andy Barr thinks equality and advocacy for equality are “too liberal” for Kentucky. No mansplaining necessary. I’m voting for Amy McGrath.

Toni Reiss