Letters to the Editor

Letters: Paper must do more fact-checking on 6th District race

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Fact check political claims

I am disappointed in the Herald-Leader’s reporting on campaign ads for the 6th District congressional race. Misrepresentations and blatant falsehoods are flying freely, but where are the paper’s careful analysis and fact-checking?

That’s the Herald-Leader’s job. As the paper of record in one of Kentucky’s most important elections — and one of the nation’s highly watched campaigns — the Herald-Leader needs to step up.

Fact-check all the claims, analyze the contribution reports of both sides, and give readers the information they need to be informed voters.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to show the nation what Kentucky can do with local journalism.

Deborah Gerth


Wisdom of Solomon

Thank you to retired professor Marty Solomon for his July op-ed that beautifully articulated solutions to the political partisanship tearing our nation apart.

I have long advocated term limits on both houses of Congress, ending gerrymandering and making our Supreme Court less politicized. I would like to see Citizens United rescinded to remove big-money interests from the political process.

We have big problems in our nation such as unaffordable health care, higher education and housing; crime; economic inequality; overloaded court systems, and cybersecurity that need addressing immediately.

I urge everyone to find out how each candidate running for office stands on the above issues.

Vote for those who will work to solve problems regardless of political party, and put common-sense solutions such as Solomon recommends into effect.

Diane Kuharik


Send in the clowns

The latest hilarity from side-show Rudy Giuliani: Special Counsel Robert Mueller must not include the words “who, what, where, why, when, how” in his interview of President Donald Trump.

Anything related to possible crimes must not be discussed. Mueller cannot mention money, political campaigns, any foreign government or the Muslim religion.

This idiocy is almost as entertaining as the slapstick antics of our own Sen. Rand Paul — a bigger showboat than Giuliani. Paul will feign skepticism of a Supreme Court nominee just for two minutes of news coverage. He will “personally deliver a letter to Putin” to gain a headline.

That headline disappears just as quickly when it is revealed that no one asked him to contact Vladimir Putin and that he actually only handed an empty envelope to a Moscow doorman.

Let’s face it, the Trump era is a time of tremendous lies and buffoonery.

Sean McElroy