Letters to the Editor

Letters: Too many friends dead from heroin overdoses


Heroin dealers sell death

In the last five years, I have seen too many friends of mine succumb to opioid or heroin addiction. Recently, I lost my best friend of 20 years to this scourge.

My friend’s passing has taken my hatred of these drugs and the people who deal in death to new heights. I am sure that some Lexingtonians and Kentuckians agree (whether they want to publicly support me or not) when I say that these scum who deal heroin (now laced with fentanyl) need to hang from a rope until dead, preferably in public to serve as an example.

Connor Rose


Bevin’s word choice soggy

Gov. Matt Bevin needs to know that drowning victims (who he compares to critics of his pension reform) do not fight you: They try to climb on you because all they want is out of the water.

A half-century ago lifeguards were trained to handle that situation by swimming away for a few seconds, allowing the victim to tire; or if the victim grabbed them, taking them underwater so they will let go, because again, all they want is out of the water.

I’m sure modern techniques differ but do not include “knocking the victim out” — that’s most likely not going to work for you.

It sure would be nice if, for once, Bevin at least attempted to sound like he’s not a total idiot when dealing with policy regarding my pension and not reference some myth he saw in a cheesy movie.

Charles Hanger


Barr mug-slinging

I thank Rep. Andy Barr for reminding us every day why we should vote for Amy McGrath for the 6th District congressional seat. Barr says that fairness, equality and healthcare privacy for women are not right for Kentucky.

Throwing dirt on McGrath while she tries to stay clean means that this bully is wrong for Kentucky.

Jacquelyn Thompson


Trump betraying us

We have a bully for a president. President Donald Trump humiliates our allies and practically buys an engagement ring for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He simply doesn’t take the time to understand NATO and repeats lies about the organization. He has no policies other than to say we are victims, and he never takes any responsibility for his actions.

The most dangerous thing about Trump is that he does not want to learn any information about our security or our role in the world.

As he works to destroy our relationship with our allies and to enhance Russia, I can only say he is the closest thing I have ever seen to a real-life American traitor.

Besides betraying America, he has also taken to bullying children by taking them from their parents. He is harming our hard-working farmers and prices are falling for crops.

Who says he can’t multi-task?

Mary Lisle


Iran needs U.S. aid

Iran currently suffers from a huge portion of their citizens being below the poverty line due to internal corruption and a gender wage gap. Currently, 20 percent of the citizens do not earn a monthly income that covers their basic necessities.

Oil, the country’s main industry, suffers from business executives who embezzle money from the hardworking citizens. Iran has been in the news lately due to the nuclear crisis. However, at its root, Iran is just another country in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Studies have shown that when the minimum poverty needs of citizens have been met, corruption and other issues are not tolerated as much. The United States is in a prime position to help with humanitarian aid. In recent years, less than 2 percent of our budget has gone towards foreign aid.

I urge fellow citizens to contact our senators and representatives on this issue.

Karishma Srinivasan