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Letters: Veterans need aid, not parades

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Vets need aid, not parades

Fifty years ago, I joined the U.S. Air Force and have never regretted it.

However, in the last 10 years, I have had numerous health problems related to Agent Orange. I have had two types of cancer requiring surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The last rounds of chemotherapy compromised my kidneys and now I am on dialysis five days a week with no hope of a transplant. I was in Vietnam, though not involved in direct combat. I feel this gives me credence to ask these questions:

1. Why do we need a Space Force?

2. Why do we need a military parade?

If our political leaders would just go to the VA medical centers, homeless shelters for vets, mental health and drug clinics for vets, I guarantee you they would find a better way to spend our taxpayer dollars.

Please vote and let the people’s voice be heard.

Danny Kazee


Russia, Trump spooning

We now have incontrovertible evidence that the Russians stole and weaponized information they hacked from the Democratic National Committee and other Democratic sites and individuals. But is President Donald Trump outraged about these discoveries? Yes, he is. But not at the Russians. Instead, he is outraged at the FBI, the CIA and other government agencies for discovering and exposing Russia’s nefarious deeds.

The Republicans themselves are no different. They are now expending energy with a plan to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is running Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. It’s not the fact that the Russians hijacked our presidential election that has them so angry; it’s the fact these deeds were discovered and exposed. The Russians and Trump worked hand-in-glove to get Trump elected. They were successful, and everything Trump has done since then has been to pay back Russian President Vladimir Putin.

James R. Porter


Deal with guns at home

The Fayette County School board has suggested our property taxes be increased to make it safer for our children in school.

I suggest we look at guns in the home first. If there is a gun in the house unsecured, with ammunition available, and it is brought to school and used, the parents or guardians should be charged.

If this policy was implemented, fewer guns would be in homes and responsible gun ownership would be the result.

M. Judy McLaughlin


GOP agenda painful

I have always liked Rep. Andy Barr, but I will not be voting for him. A recent letter writer stated that Barr is “working for Kentuckians and the Republican agenda,” so we should vote for him. Well, I do not like the Republican agenda.

I benefited from President Barack Obama’s affordable housing program, my family benefited from the Affordable Care Act, and gasoline prices came down from $4 per gallon to an affordable amount. Under this administration, I haven’t benefited in any way.

I asked Barr to denounce Trump’s lies and demonization of people he doesn’t like. I received a form letter back explaining that Barr supports Trump. The tax cuts passed under this administration have helped people who make over $75,000 per year, the rollbacks in the ACA have hurt so many people and the rollbacks in regulations will hurt us all.

Amy McGrath has my vote.

Linda D. Hall


Fund Alzheimer’s research

As a dementia researcher at the University of Kentucky’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, I know that the progress we’re making in understanding this disease will lead to treatments, preventions, and, one day, a cure. I also know this progress wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment by Congress to fund research.

Since the passage of the 2011 National Alzheimer’s Project Act, Congress has quadrupled federal research funding for Alzheimer’s at the National Institutes of Health. It is clear that increased funding has led to new discoveries in the fight to end this disease. Please join me in asking Rep. Andy Barr and Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul for their continued commitment in this fight.

Donna M. Wilcock

Board Member

Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana