Letters to the Editor

Letters: Bourbon County citizens object to secrecy about project

Aerial view of the more than 48-acre golf course near downtown Paris that is now being considered for a potential distillery.
Aerial view of the more than 48-acre golf course near downtown Paris that is now being considered for a potential distillery. rgarrison@herald-leader.com

Paris not ‘City of Light’

Citizens of Bourbon County have had enough. They demand transparency from elected officials. The issue at hand is the rezoning of a Paris golf course from conservation to light industrial for purposes officials decline to reveal.

The planning commission has already voted against the change, supported by both environmental and public-health experts. They recognize the potential devastation, by flooding and contamination of water supply, should the rolling greens of the course, which has existed since 1924, be covered with concrete for the sake of what some call economic development.

Citizens need creative thinking about options for economic development which would embrace, rather than destroy, the character of the community. They demand answers, facts and responsibility from those elected to represent them.

That’s the only way to stop a destructive virus, be it a physical disease or a character of corruption: to build the immune system that will prevent its killing ways.

It would be great for all who want to end corruption in government to join them in this effort. Much more than a golf course is at stake.

Kay Collier McLaughlin

Nicholas County

Thankful for Trump

It’s so great that the two Koreas are meeting and President Donald Trump definitely played a part in that. That’s another thing to thank him for, along with tax cuts and the low unemployment rates for blacks and Hispanics. He not only works for America, he also works to reconcile other countries in the world. He chose dialogue instead of confrontation in Helsinki. Former President Barack Obama always preferred dialogue to confrontation. Liberals should love that Trump is following Obama’s lead.

Helen Martin


LeBron leads the way

Kudos to NBA superstar LeBron James, whose generous gift of millions of dollars to build a school for at-risk children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, is a genuine act of loving, caring and sharing.

James is a breath of fresh air in America in these turbulent times under President Donald Trump. It is a time of widespread greed, selfishness, me-first by hook or crook and racism. Trump is a divider who is failing in words and deeds to appeal to the better angels of our nature. He uses the presidency to increase his wealth and that of family and friends.

James is a positive role model, a basketball legend in his own time, and arguably the best player ever. I believe Trump is an all-around negative role model, a deal-making legend in his own narcissistic mind, and is arguably, after only two years, the worst president ever.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Politics, guns and Aretha

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are spoiled rich kids and need to feed their egos, leaving someone else to do the work. It appears that Trump wants to be a dictator. In Trump’s Helsinki news conference, it was all Russian President Vladimir Putin could do to keep from laughing

Teachers know when students feel left out, and sometimes students act up just to get attention. But carrying a gun to school is too much. Parents need to lock up guns or be locked up.

I am concerned for my grandchildren and future generations. The emergence of Russia and China and the lessening influence of the United States on the world stage, plus global warming and uncontrolled population growth and violence in developing countries, make me fear we may be headed toward another war.

Aretha Franklin passed away recently. We will never forget her.

Alberta J. Toomey


Trump beholden to Putin

There is no mystery why President Donald Trump is so kind to Russian President Vladimir Putin. No one bites the hand that feeds him.

Trump is reported to have six bankruptcies, which he claimed in the campaign just proved how smart he was in outwitting the Internal Revenue Service. He also claims to love debt and his numerous lawsuits over non-payment confirm this claim.

Without Russian help, Trump might not have won the election. What will the quid pro quo be? His tax returns must be hidden or his collusion will be so obvious to even the Republicans that they might then be forced to impeach him.

Yes, it’s no mystery why Trump won’t bite Putin’s helping hand, no matter what Putin tries to do to destroy the United States and Western unity.

Walter A. Dickenson