Letters to the Editor

Letters: UK football fan feels like the joke’s on him

Football letdown again?

Some wonder why University of Kentucky football season ticket sales are lagging. Well, to me it seems like it’s kind of a Lucy and Charlie Brown sort of thing.

Every year the UK coaches and the sports writers (Lucy) tee up the ball and promise that this year’s team is different.

The fans (Charlie Brown) believe them even though they have heard the same thing year after year. It gets old (and it hurts) to have the ball pulled out, year after year.

Jim Hayden


Kroger makes first step

Major kudos are warranted for Kroger’s leadership in phasing out single-use plastics and thinking through its supply-chain so it can become a more sustainable corporate steward.

Members of the Lexington chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby also encourage Kroger to join with dozens of other large corporations such as PepsiCo, General Motors and ExxonMobil in supporting a carbon fee and dividend policy.

This nonpartisan, common-sense approach would manage the risks of our warming world by placing a steadily rising fee on heat-trapping greenhouse gases and return the money back to American households — stimulating our economy while protecting lower-income households in particular from any change in energy bills.

It would be wonderful to see our Kentucky senators, Rep. Andy Barr and his opponent, Amy McGrath, publicly endorse a carbon fee and dividend policy and help make managing the risks of climate change a bridge, not a wedge issue.

Brett Cease


Vote pro-life

When you vote, think about the estimated 60 million-plus babies killed because abortion is legal in the United States.

The legality of abortion doesn’t make it right. The reason for abortion is that a woman should have a choice to keep a child she doesn’t want.

If a choice is made before sex with thought and preventive measures used, a child won’t be conceived. Sadly, abortion is used for sex selection or recreational sex.

If a political party is unwilling to protect the defenseless child, how can we believe that its members are willing to make right decisions in government. Make sure you are registered to vote so you can defend the babies.

I’m a values voter, so I ask what is best for our country. The word of God is the best place to find what is best for every individual and is available to everyone.

Emma Henry


Conservative partnership

The only thing that Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Andy Barr and the Republicans are doing is enabling President Donald Trump to get away with his cooperation with the Russians for the illegal or deceitful purpose of getting elected in 2016.

Since the 1970s, the conservatives have done nothing that would benefit us poor, hard-working people. The conservatives control all political parties in this country with their scare tactics on the behalf of pro-life and “they gonna take away our guns” groups. It is making trillionaires out of gun factory owners and helping Wall Street and the big banks

Do you want to re-elect Barr in November, a person who enabled Trump to get away with his crooked, lying and sexist controlling powers?

The conservatives are all about authoritarian dictatorship powers on behalf of the top one percent. The conservatives are in bed with the likes of Trump.

Victor Privett