Letters to the Editor

Letters on the 6th District Congress race

Rep. Andy Barr and Democratic challenger Amy McGrath
Rep. Andy Barr and Democratic challenger Amy McGrath

Barr stands, delivers

Many people complain that elected officials don’t bring much change. These same people fight against what looks to be the status quo to insist on different results.

Rep. Andy Barr has an incredible record of accomplishment from his time in Washington as our congressman. I am thankful that he introduces bills, works with other members, and advocates for policies that benefit the commonwealth.

It is critically important that we send Barr back to Congress. He represents the 6th District in a way I am proud of, and he has really delivered in the brief time he has been in office.

His work on the opioid epidemic is one of the best parts of what he has been able to do. He has been able to secure funding for more treatment, better accessibility, education and other programs designed to alleviate some of the harmful effects of addiction.

Barr has my vote.

Jessica Tolliver


McGrath goes high

Keep up the negative ads, Rep. Andy Barr. We saw how well that worked for Mayor Jim Gray who, by the way, is a fine Kentuckian who received some bad campaign advice.

Keep up your positive ads, Amy McGrath. The good people of the 6th District want a change in Washington.

Carol Allen


Barr experienced

I’m not a voter in the 6th District race between Rep. Andy Barr and Amy McGrath. However, I am a veteran and a businessman with a Lexington-based office and Barr’s office has assisted us on a proposal to the Pentagon. Not easy. I depend on Barr’s legislative expertise and contacts. Voters need to appreciate that ability as an asset to the citizens of not just the district or Kentucky, but our country.

I looked up his voting record on issues of national security, the economy and restoring a military defense budget. I was pleased that he, contrary to McGrath’s statements, had the political understanding to cross lines and be bipartisan when it counted.

Imagery is a valid marketing tool. Barr presents and conducts himself in a manner that should make any Kentuckian proud. I don’t feel the imagery of one’s hand on the nose of another aircraft is an asset.

Gary Marnhout


Explain yourself, Barr

How odd that Rep. Andy Barr, a father of daughters, would describe Amy McGrath as “a feminist” as if it were a defect. An elected official should be smart enough to know that feminism is defined as “social, political and economic equality for both sexes.” Look it up.

Of course McGrath is a feminist. Most thinking people are.

I’m interested in exactly which part of feminism McGrath’s opponent objects to for Kentucky voters (more than half of whom are female) or for his daughters when they grow up.

Does he support social, political and economic equality for us? If so, then he should state, proudly and publicly, that he, too, is a feminist.

Wini Yunker


Barr toils for Ky., U.S.

Anyone paying attention should already know that Rep. Andy Barr has and will continue to do a great job as our congressman in the 6th District.

Barr has kept the people of Kentucky, as well as the rest of the country, up to date on the very important issues that we face every day. He faces these issues head on for the best interest of the people. He is a kind but strong leader fighting for the people of Kentucky, as well as the rest of the United States of America.

Given the chance to continue his work as our congressman, his commitments will definitely be in the best interest of the people now and in future generations, so they can be raised in and be proud of the best country in the world. One day it will be their turn to continue to fight for the greatest nation on Earth.

Oscar “Red” Shingleton


Plenty liberals here

I’m already sick of the negative ads Rep. Andy Barr’s campaign has spewed about Amy McGrath. If McGrath is too liberal for Kentucky, I’m too liberal for Kentucky. I was born and bred in Franklin County and I’m not going anywhere.

Barr’s ads are an affront to the thinking people of Central Kentucky. There are many pro-choice, anti-wall, progressive, feminist, Barack Obama-voting, Hillary Clinton-supporting people who are offended by Barr’s smear campaign – including me.

Barr does a great disservice by painting liberal views as wrong. He should run on his record and leave the mud-slinging alone.

Patty Norris Peavler


Barr honorable

I have known Rep. Andy Barr for a long time. I agree with his political stances and decisions completely. I also admire him as a person of honor and integrity. I have never known him to not be upfront and honest. I vote for Barr for both his political stances and his integrity, and encourage all to do the same.

William M. Underwood


Barr needs a break

I voted for Rep. Andy Barr in his last election. I thought that as an attorney, he was better qualified to serve Kentucky in the office than his opponent. I did that knowing of Barr’s ignorance concerning a deadly economic trend: growth in wealth disparity.

The stock market is booming because companies are manipulating the markets with stock buybacks. Between 2004 and 2014, companies spent about $7 trillion buying their own stock. That kind of money could have been spent on research, equipment upgrades, training programs, workers’ salaries or even dividends, but was not. Simultaneously, a group of employees is giving themselves obscene raises via their stock-option compensation. Shareholders are getting richer, but companies are not investing in their own welfare. Innovation will starve, and demand and consumer purchasing power will decrease.

I would imagine Barr is weary of the commute. Let’s give him some relief this November.

Doug Epling


McGrath partisan

I love Amy McGrath’s ad where she is in uniform, standing on a runway, talking about her military service and wanting to go to Washington D.C. and heal the dysfunctional, partisan politics crippling Congress. She tells us her husband is a Republican and she knows how to make that work.

Mayor Jim Gray was right, though. She is new to Kentucky. However, instead of focusing on becoming more familiar with the needs of the 6th District, she sent field staffers to Columbus, Ohio, to try to influence the outcome of a special election, tweeting, “A win means we need just 22 seats to flip the House.”

So which is it? She can’t claim to be above partisan politics, and at the same time meddle with elections in another state to further advance partisan politics.

Stephen Scalf


Barr unhealthy for Ky.

When I see Rep. Andy Barr’s ads touting that his vote to fund medical research means improved health care for middle-class families, I think of driving to Richmond to hear him defend his vote on the American Health Care Act.

Barr voted for a bill that would take health care away from one out of four Kentuckians — primarily seniors, the handicapped and poor women and children. The bill reduced support for regional clinics, cutting jobs and services. It also gave tax breaks to health-care CEOs making over $500,000.

The Office of Budget Management predicted that if that bill passed, by 2026 some 251,800 Kentuckians would lose medical coverage. The bill would reduce tax credits some seniors use to pay premiums, increase costs for seniors and remove protection of preexisting conditions.

If you want Kentucky to be healthy don’t vote for Barr.

Margaret Groves