Letters to the Editor

Letters: Comparing McCain ideals to Trump reality

Charlotte Observer

Message in McCain honors

Surely, anyone who viewed the beautiful memorial services for John McCain cannot but recognize the shameful contrast between him and our repulsive president.

The entire ceremony was a repudiation from the senator, in death, of what we have become, and the direction we, as a country, are heading. It was a clear rejection of Trumpism.

After contemplating the eloquent words of prior presidents, McCain’s daughter and others, the stark contrast became clear: Our current president is absent of all qualities that make up true statesmen.

Paraphrasing, McCain embodied the essential characteristics that make our country great:

▪ Values that insist on the God-given dignity of every human being.

▪ Support for a cause greater than ourselves.

▪ Wisdom, compassion, love and humility.

Trump is mean, petty, bombastic, disrespectful and a liar who manufactures outrage. Worse, he deals in fear and division.

The message McCain was sending us, and the world, is that Donald Trump, and what he represents, is unacceptable to us as a nation. He has to be replaced, soon.

John M. Fox


Teach kindness

No child should be left behind due to poor motor skills, lack of muscle tone or anything, for that matter. Each child is unique and has strengths and weaknesses.

Every opportunity for such children is a blessing, as they may not be strong enough to do many things that their peers do effortlessly. But I have witnessed that they will give you more heart, love and respect for embracing them and giving them a place to fit in and grow.

So when your kid is playing a sport with another child who is disabled or not as blessed with good health, let’s teach him or her to motivate and encourage, instead of using harsh words that land that disabled child back on a couch feeling inferior. Be kind and recognize the issues so many are facing and what each person can do to make a difference.

Melody McClain


Paul missing a chance

Where’s Sen. Rand Paul? Maybe I've missed it. Shouldn't he be voicing that he may not be able to vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, obtaining himself another 15 minutes (or is it hours) of attention?

Eric L. Hatton


Liberals aided many

Rep. Andy Barr’s attacks on Amy McGrath should remind people that liberals and progressives have helped countless marginalized individuals in this country and around the world. In 50 years of conservative strangleholds on American politics, attempts have been made to try to discredit decent and honorable causes such as equality for all, a good standard of living and opportunities for those coming after us.

Barr’s ads try to make “feminist” a slur. Yet the rise of feminism has enabled more women to support themselves, children and sometimes their spouses. Progressives and liberals value people over profits, universal access to health care, affordable education and helping all people earn a better life.

Marginalized people are our friends and neighbors, and we all deserve a decent standard of living. McGrath is right, not right wing, for Kentucky.

Trudi S. Lewis


Veteran care shoddy

It is almost 50 years since the Vietnam War has ended. For some veterans, it will never end. Many will die from the effects of Agent Orange. There are children who have health problems who were born after their fathers were exposed. The Veterans Administration will admit many are suffering but won’t give them the route to be tested and treated.

No one I know is asking for money, just relief from the pain. They can’t sleep without pills, but that sleep is interrupted by nightmares. Every morning is hell as they face another day. Some take 30 or more pills daily. Post-traumatic stress disorder causes frustration and anger. It is not cured by a pill. Marriages are ruined and a social life is nonexistent.

Our veterans’ organizations need to get involved. We owe veterans more than they are receiving in care. Call your elected officials.

Patricia Carpenter Sellers