Letters to the Editor

Letters: Barr-McGrath congressional race

Where does McGrath stand?

I appreciate, respect, applaud and thank Amy McGrath for her dedicated service to our country as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps. But is anyone getting as tired of “89 missions” as I am? Where she is on the issues is important to the voters of the 6th District.

Congressman Andy Barr has a proven record starting with his creation of the veterans’ coalition in Central Kentucky and sponsorship and support on over a dozen pieces of legislation supporting law enforcement and first responders. In McGrath’s own words, “really, is that all (she’s) got?” Thanks again, but no thank you to McGrath in November.

Mike Sweeney


Barr sports big hat

“All hat and no cattle” sums up the way Rep. Andy Barr accurately characterized himself as a “thinker”, compared to Amy McGrath, a doer.

Charles F. Haywood


Barr’s position crystal clear

The voters in the 6th Congressional District should appreciate Rep. Andy Barr’s efforts to clarify the choice in the upcoming election through his most recent ad. His portrayal of Amy McGrath as progressive, pro-choice, feminist and pro-immigration certainly made it clearer that Barr’s positions of obsolescence, anti-choice, masculinity and xenophobia are much more in line with traditional Kentucky values. Thank you, Rep. Barr, for finally being clear regarding the values that will guide you in your efforts to ensure America becomes great again.

Charles Myers


Barr knows us

Amy McGrath chose her profession and has obviously done a good job. She is a retired lieutenant colonel with a handsome income and health care for herself and her family. Her education was free so she has no student loans.

Rep. Andy Barr and those like him work hard to see that our fighting men and women have what they need to do what we ask of them. There are at least 10 people supporting every combat solider.

Barr knows our culture; we are family oriented and have values that others don’t understand. Barr works on a non-partisan committee to better health care for veterans. It doesn’t look good in print, so the newspapers don’t cover it.

Kentucky has problems and our elected officials are working on them. Barr is doing all he can about the opioid problems and so is the state government.

Patricia Carpenter Sellers


Where’s the substance?

Is this an election year? The only television commercials I have seen are of Rep. Andy Barr trotting out his family in their Sunday best and his opponent Amy McGrath touting her military service.

Barr should tell us what he has done for his constituents and his country. McGrath should tell us what she would like to see.

Richard Peter Taylor


New voter picks McGrath

I had the honor to cast my vote in May for Amy McGrath in the 6th Congressional District primary. As a first-time voter and college student, I am concerned about our current members of Congress. We need truth and honesty. McGrath has my vote in November.

Megan Jones


McGrath not from here

While Rep. Andy Barr is working hard for Central Kentucky, I don’t see his opponent getting much traction.

Part of it is she’s not even from here and just moved into the district. Another part is her buddies are far-left liberals from Hollywood and the East Coast. That’s where she gets campaign money.

The liberals can’t figure out or don’t care that we here in Kentucky like Barr and his service to our great state and country. We like how he cares about the lives of the unborn. We like how he cares about the Second Amendment to the Constitution and protects our right to self-protection. We like how he continues to fight for Kentucky coal and the hard-working coal-mining families.

Liberal outsiders keep trying to force their socialist agenda on us here in Kentucky. I’ll be voting for Barr to make sure that never happens.

Bill Marshall


The president’s men are guilty.

On Aug. 21, Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s campaign chair during the Republican national convention, was convicted on eight felony charges and Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer for more than a decade, pleaded guilty to eight felony charges.

Previously, Michael Flynn (national security advisor), Richard Gates (deputy campaign chair) and George Papadopoulos (a foreign policy adviser) pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges.

Trump himself is an inveterate liar, an incorrigible racist, a self-confessed adulterer, a persistent misogynist and an Orwellian conspirator.

Enough. The American people deserve better and our democracy requires better.

Our elected officials must stop enabling and emboldening this president. We need congressional leaders who respect the rule of law and who have the courage to exercise their constitutional oaths and responsibilities.

The time for change is now. Vote for Amy McGrath — the best-qualified candidate to represent Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District.

Merry and Paul Jones


Comparision doesn’t serve

I’m reflecting on Rep. Andy Barr’s claim that his congressional service is equal to Amy McGrath’s military service.

McGrath put her life on the line during each of her 89 combat missions. I’ll concede that serving in Congress comes with some danger. Sen. Rand Paul was attacked while operating a lawnmower.

Lest we forget, Elaine Chao was fearless in protecting her husband, Sen. Mitch McConnell, against a handful of protesters in Washington D.C. If you saw the Chao/protester skirmish on the news, McConnell was scurrying to his limousine as Chao transformed into The Hulk.

Upon watching Barr’s commercials as he “tours” the 6th District, I do, indeed, see the danger of his “service.” Falling off a merry-go-round at his beloved fall festivals could result in a permanent military deferment should he actually consider serving his country.

Joan Lambert


GOP disrespects vets

First we have a political party that swift-boats former Secretary of State John Kerry for his bravery in Vietnam. Then its leader trashes fellow party member and Navy pilot John McCain for his heroism during the same war.

Now party members are denigrating another fellow party member and decorated Vietnam veteran Robert Mueller.

To top it off, they are questioning the character of retired Marine Corps fighter pilot Amy McGrath here in Kentucky. Four people who didn't have bone spurs.

It sounds like someone needs to learn to respect our veterans.

Roy Crawford


A friend to vets

A Herald-Leader article on a rally by veterans supporting Rep. Andy Barr missed a major point. The theme that we, the veterans, wanted established was: “we, as veterans, have served. Barr has served us, the veterans.” Amy McGrath is a vet. She has served as each and every veteran in attendance at the rally has served.

I volunteered in the 2012 Barr campaign. I told Barr that should he win, he needed to form a veterans’ coalition to address veterans’ issues I had heard about while making campaign phone calls.

In 2013, the newly elected Barr formed the 6th District Veterans Coalition. The article did not report on the many testimonies given by 6th District veterans to Barr’s and his staff’s assistance in resolving veterans’ issues.

Barr has served the veterans of the 6th District.

Brian Schlifke