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Letters to editor: A moving photo of flooding disaster

Robert Simmons Jr. and his kitten, Survivor, are rescued Sept. 14 from floodwaters in New Bern, N.C.
Robert Simmons Jr. and his kitten, Survivor, are rescued Sept. 14 from floodwaters in New Bern, N.C. The News & Observer

A moving flood photo

One does not look for beauty in the reports of a storm, but the photo of Robert Simmons Jr. and his kitten clinging to his shoulder was a beautiful picture . It showed the fear and agony of the flood’s victim.

The color red against the menacing gray sky and water are ominously beautiful as was Simmons’ anguished grimace. Any other day I would have thought it was posed. My heart goes out to the young man and the many storm victims not pictured. I will pray for their welfare.

Sheila Jameson


ACA curbs abortions

In an op-ed piece last month, 17th District Sen. Damon Thayer prided himself on pro-life legislation passed earlier this year.

Under the legislation, women with financial means will still be able to obtain an abortion easily, while poor women will face more difficulties. The new laws make abortion more costly, more time-consuming and more difficult to procure.

If Thayer wants to reduce the number of abortions, he should be working hard for the Affordable Care Act. The abortion rate dropped by about 30 percent when the ACA gave women access to birth control without co-pay and high-quality affordable medical care.

I believe the unborn deserve protection, but I also believe in the protection of all life. Policies that give people a living wage, access to quality, affordable health care — these measures make it more doable for people to prevent unplanned pregnancy and ultimately to welcome new life.

Mary Lou White


Keep nominee off court

Why are the media sitting idly by while Sen. Mitch McConnell shoves Brett Kavanaugh into a U.S. Supreme Court seat?

Kavanaugh has avoided answering important questions about his past and lied about others, but that makes no difference to McConnell. He is the one who withheld president Barack Obama’s nominee for 10 long months so he could shove another unqualified judge on court.

All judges up for confirmation should be put on hold until the Meuller investigation of Donald Trump is complete. There is a very good chance that Trump will be charged with obstruction of justice or other crimes which, if convicted, would make all of his appointed judges illegal.

Joe Burchard


Test Trump instead

President Donald Trump’s rash actions to demean leaders of our allies such as friendly neighbor Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while praising Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, are completely unacceptable. More recently, actions, impetuous behavior and chaos swirling around him call into question his intellectual ability and fitness to serve as our president.

It has reached the point that a senior member of Trump’s personally selected White House team has anonymously written the New York Times outlining that officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations. Trump’s leadership style is described as “impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Rand Paul suggested that a lie detector test should be applied to White House staff members to determine who released this article. Better to apply the lie detector test to Trump to determine his truthfulness and veracity.

R. Paul Baumgartner


Twisted but true

Something felt right about Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s verbal jab at Sen. Mitch McConnell even though her words were incorrect.

Pelosi had accused McConnell of making a “racist statement” which she quoted as follows: “the most important thing we can do is to make sure he (President Barack Obama) does not succeed.” Editorial writers and critics promptly pointed out that she was paraphrasing what McConnell had actually said in 2010 and taking it out of context.

Yet, her version rings true. That’s because many of us have doubted the integrity of McConnell and his Republican Party for a long time. Consider its gerrymandering, attacks on the Voting Rights Act and pandering to voter rage. We’ve seen how McConnell has enthusiastically practiced cynical political tactics and stonewalled the press his entire career.

There were flaws in the picture Pelosi painted, but we recognized the subject.

Tom Louderback


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