Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor on local races on ballot

Dupont prepared to serve

We citizens in the 22nd state Senate District (Jessamine, Mercer, Garrard, Washington and western Fayette counties) have the opportunity to vote for Carolyn Dupont on Nov. 6 to work on our behalf.

Dupont is conscientious and committed to Kentucky government. She will courageously lead our state in providing each citizen all benefits possible. She is passionate about our children and their careful education and good health.

She is gravely concerned about the addiction crisis prevalent in our state and deeply cares for our elderly population and will work to assure their health and financial welfare. She will be proactive in finding the best responses to the needs of each citizen in our district..

We are fortunate she has chosen to seek a Senate seat in our state. She is well-prepared intellectually and compassionately to bring much good to our beloved Kentucky.

Frances V. Edwards


Cardinal Valley needs help

Mayor Jim Gray and 11th District Councilwoman Peggy Henson are doing nothing about getting drug-addicted prostitutes off our streets in the Cardinal Valley neighborhood. They are not citing or ticketing prostitutes on Cambridge Drive and are letting them stand on the streets.

It’s time for a change on our streets and time for a crackdown on crimes. That’s why I’m voting for Sandy Shafer who is running for the 11th District council seat.

Gary Wayne Napier


Reynolds bridges cultures

Jennifer Reynolds is a level-headed person who thinks well on her feet with an ability to listen to everyone’s thoughts on issues that matter to them. She and her husband have spent some time living in and learning about the Hispanic culture.

This gives her a leg up when needing to communicate with our local Hispanic population. She teaches ballet in Valley Park in English and Spanish, where she welcomes all children who want to learn classical ballet. Through her art, she is able to span cultures in the local community.

This gives her a unique perspective with thoughtfulness that will help her in making decisions for the entire 11th District if Reynolds wins the upcoming election.

Will Anglin


Mossotti boon to district

I would like to give 9th District voters a few reasons for re-electing Councilwoman Jennifer Mossotti. First, she is a great listener and helps the individual voter with needs as often as she can. She has the knowledge and understanding that can only be gained by the experienced service she has provided to Lexington.

Her unwavering time spent with local communities, park projects and defending the homeowners of her district is unmatched. We want her to continue to lead our district and our city with integrity and great negotiating skills, as she has done in the past. The 9th District is truly a better place because of the way she looks after our interests with tireless dedication.

Julie Begley


Ellinger open to all views

Our family has been friends with Chuck Ellinger, candidate for an at-large seat on the Urban County Council, for many years. He stands for the ideals that we all want in local government. He has previously served as the chair of the LFUCG budget and finance committee and is an honest, energetic and dedicated public servant. He keeps an open mind and is willing to listen to all sides. Please join us in supporting Ellinger on Nov. 6.

Jay T. Rider

Kay Rider


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