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Letters to editor on local political races

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Shafer cares about community

Sandy Shafer, who is running for the 11th District Urban County Council seat, has served this community with passion and dedication for 13 years. She has the experience to revitalize city government.

Shafer was a part of the 2005 council that passed the smoking ban. She worked to solve all types of water-drainage problems and to convert old railways into hiking and biking trails. She encouraged the creation of neighborhood associations, because “a strong community begins in our own backyards” and advocated keeping the National Weather Service substation here. Shafer is also responsible for leading community efforts to erect the four creative playgrounds at Picadome Elementary School, Shillito Park, Dunbar Community Center and Jacobson Park.

Shafer has experience in public service and a heart for the Lexington community.

Voters in the 11th District should seize the opportunity to bring her back to the city council. All of us will be better for it.

Anne Taul


Reynolds boost of energy

I was born in the United States to a woman from Honduras. A single mother, she raised me while trying to give me every opportunity she could. Not being from here or being fluent in the language yet, she relied on people who were willing to reach out to different communities.

It was people like Jennifer Reynolds, a candidate for 11th District Urban County Council seat, who helped me become who I am. Her Spanish fluency and understanding of Latino culture helps her reach a community I’m proud to be a part of. As a gay man, I see Reynolds advocating for LGBT+ persons to ensure all people feel welcome. I see Reynolds caring about our watersheds, trees and the health of our community. As an educator, I watch Reynolds building a community our children can feel safe in.

Her youth, energy and willingness to listen are assets we need.

Danny Woolums


DuPont a needed change

I was a teacher for more than 30 years and retired from the University of Kentucky in 2016. I also write as a woman at a historic moment when many women believe politicians aren’t taking sexual harassment seriously. I urge you to vote for one of my former students, Carolyn DuPont, who is running for the 22nd District state Senate seat. She is a teacher at Eastern Kentucky University, wife, mother and a person of great integrity who tells the truth.

Recent cuts to education funding prompted her to run, and she will be a strong voice in Frankfort for teachers, schools, education budgets, working families and solving the opioid crisis.

DuPont is a refreshing change for all of us, regardless of party. Her opponent, Tom Buford, has been in office 28 years. I want someone in Frankfort who will speak truth to entrenched power.

Patricia Cooper


Tackett has the experience

I am voting for John Tackett for Fayette District Court judge, not only because I know him to be a wonderful person with excellent character, but because I know that he operates independently from established political parties and understands and supports evidence-based judicial practices.

As a professor of criminology at the University of Kentucky, it is my goal to inform justice system practitioners on current, scientific knowledge regarding the best practices for our society. I can say with full confidence that Tackett understands the importance of evidence and rationality and will make well-reasoned decisions in his courtroom. This stance, along with his fourteen years of law experience and his commitment to the community and to public service, makes Tackett the logical choice.

Tony Love


Bastin cares about school safety

Teachers have faced some battles in the classroom, including the distractions of snap bracelets, fidget spinners and cell phones. Today, however, the issue of guns in schools is our biggest and most important battle yet.

I applaud Lexington mayoral candidate Ronnie Bastin for coming out with a five-point public safety plan that includes ideas for increasing school safety. Bastin’s plan calls for giving schools the help they need with officers, technology and training to keep guns out of schools.

Monyka Wood


Forgy Kerr no friend to schools

I am a public school teacher and the issues facing our schools are very important to me. It upsets me when I hear politicians making false promises and claims of support.

State Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr may have voted against the sewer bill, but her vote on that bill was hard won. I, along others, called or emailed her office every day during the legislative session with no promise of support until Paula Setser-Kissick filed to run against her in the 12th District.

A group of us met with Forgy Kerr in January and she would not commit to any definite support. When another group returned later in the session, Forgy Kerr stood us up and left a staff member to take our questions.

The statements she makes now paint a very different picture than what I saw. If education matters to you, Setser-Kissick represents the direction we need.

Jennifer Laytham


Kay seeks consensus

I’ve voted for Steve Kay for at-large Urban County Council member before and intend to do so again. I’ve known Kay since graduate school, have competed against him for business and have collaborated with him on projects. In all of our dealings, I’ve found him to be honest, sincerely interested in the greater good and respectful of opposing points of view.

But most importantly, Kay’s vision of governing is completely different from what I see on the state and national levels. I’m worn out with politicians who take no prisoners, believe in winner-take-all and ram what they want down our throats.

Kay believes in listening to many constituents, looking for what binds us together and building consensus around that. Sometimes that means he doesn’t get what he wants. But Kay understands government isn’t about him. It’s about us, about Lexington, about our common good.

Margaret Verble


Ellinger proven, dedicated

I have known Chuck Ellinger for more than 20 years. During this time, I have seen his passion for the issues impacting the residents of Fayette County from his past service on the Urban County Council.

Ellinger’s candidacy for at-large council member brings a blend of experience, service and dedication that sets him apart from the other candidates. Our community faces many challenges and we need a council member like Ellinger to take on the tough issues.

Thomas S. Sparks


Mossotti a leader

Jennifer Mossotti, the 9th District Urban County Council member, is up for re-election on Nov. 6.

Mossotti has proven over and over to be a true leader with a passion for doing the right thing for our 9th district and our beautiful city. She uses common sense when making decisions and I believe her record proves that to be true. She has a vision for the future of the 9th district.

One of her strong suits is her ability to make decisions in our city based on the long-term effects. We need people on our council who have this ability.

Mossotti is one of those persons who truly cares about Lexington and the 9th District.

Al Gumberts


Evans asset to council

Angela Evans is an outstanding 6th District councilwoman for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. She represents constituents with enthusiasm, honesty and vigor. Evans exhibited leadership, integrity, trustworthiness and the ability to work well with others when she was a student in my classroom. These attributes continue to be evident in her success as a council member and a practicing attorney.

Evans’ previous experience working in former Secretary of State Trey Grayson’s office, and as an assistant attorney general in former Attorney General Jack Conway’s office made her knowledgeable about government issues and the needs of people in her district, Lexington and Kentucky.

Her background and government expertise enable her to serve citizens well and make fair and informed decisions promoting the effectiveness of the LFUCG.

Evans is a dedicated, hard-working council member who will continue striving to make Lexington and Fayette County a safe, progressive and productive place to live.

Carol McKee