Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor on 6th District Congress race

Vote Rikka Wallin, for peace

I will not be voting for Rep. Andy Barr. But I cannot, in good conscience, vote for Amy McGrath.

I have been a liberal my whole life. As a liberal I believe everyone is created equal and deserves equal treatment — not just those born in America.

I cannot vote for a candidate proud of her Iraq War service, where at least 200,000 Iraqi civilians were murdered. I cannot vote for a candidate who needs an internal investigation of the Iraq invasion to see if America was justified.

I cannot vote for a candidate who thinks U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and border agents are good people just following orders.

I am voting for the independent, pro-peace candidate Rikka Wallin.

I am tired of having to choose between two pro-war candidates and of having to vote against my own self-interest and the interests of others to maintain a two-party system.

Kelsey Minarik


We need check on Trump

The framers had an ingenious idea when they created the three co-equal branches of government outlined in our Constitution. However, they had not envisioned a world where party politics would be so deeply entrenched that one branch, Congress, would abdicate its responsibility to act as a check on the president.

The GOP House majority has repeatedly shown it’s not up to the task of standing up to the chief executive, regardless of how reckless the White House becomes. The election is about something more than tax rates or foreign policy — it’s about whether we want to return to a world where the Congress fulfills its proper constitutional role.

If the Democrats take the House this fall, they won’t have the power to push their agenda into law. But they will have the ability to put a check on the steamroller effect of single-party rule.

Jason Hope


Barr sows fear

Rep. Andy Barr’s ads remind me my choice is between a candidate sowing fear of others and the future, and one with a history of service to our country and a focus on sharing our future.

I was brought up learning we all are God’s children and to treat others how we wanted to be treated. Both sides of my family have lived in Kentucky since before it became a state. One side became Civil War Republicans and one Democrats. My parents voted in different primaries. We argued differences and knew we were still family.

We want decent educations and lives without fear of violence or bankruptcy due to health costs or institutional greed. As a Kentuckian and a human being, I’m responsible for voting, paying my share and trying to improve everyone’s life.

Amy McGrath is liberal with her caring, intelligence and ability. She is liberal enough for me.

Jane Ewalt


We don’t know McGrath

We really don’t know who Amy McGrath is. In the primary she ran against candidates who were well known.

Why would a first-time candidate campaign outside the state, where she was probably not well known and could most likely obtain financing? Why would people like George Soros and well-known senators and representatives support her? All we know of her is that she served in the military.

McGrath appears to be a moderate Democrat, but if elected will she remain so? Current Democrats have changed, most leaning toward progressive and socialist ideas. One great example is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Gina Buckner


McGrath disciplined

I served on an aircraft carrier during the Korean War and had many opportunities to talk with pilots. Frequently they referred to landing on the flight deck as being like landing on postage stamp. Amy McGrath made it through boot camp, a tougher course than anyone can imagine. She then had to fight her way into flight school, another tough hurdle, and many combat missions.

Those qualities make for a highly disciplined, dedicated person qualified for elected office. She has also made it clear she has no obligation to anyone.

Malcolm Smith


Barr helps vets

Amy McGrath’s past is fantastic and nearly incredible. It arouses excitement and strong emotions in many people. However she knows little or nothing about politics.

Andy Barr has been in D.C. a long while and knows how to get things done. Also, he is very concerned about his constituents. Barr once jumped off a parade float to run to a vet in the crowd who was waving an American flag. Barr thanked him for his service and asked if there was anything he could do for him.

The man, my neighbor, said he had been trying for years to get his disability checks. He has PTSD. Barr said he would be at that man’s house the next morning and he jumped back on the float. The man’s doorbell rang the next morning and it was Barr standing there. He went in and they talked for a while. Five weeks later, the vet received his first disability check. You can see why I like Andy Barr.

Helen Martin


Who does Barr represent?

Andy Barr wants to return as our representative to Congress. But does he really represent us? As the Watergate-era saying puts it, “follow the money.”

Barr has received 3.2 percent of his campaign donations from average folks — small donors (under $200). More than 40 percent of his contributions come from business-aligned special interests — banking and finance, agribusiness and the energy lobbies. That’s over a million dollars from companies that want something from the federal government.

Contrast that with his opponent, Amy McGrath. A full third of her donations have been from small donors, while less than 4 percent of her funds come from Political Action Committees. Opensecrets.org provides lots of interesting details on where our candidates get their financial support.

Think about who will represent you best—someone beholden to PACs and large industries, or someone who relies on ordinary voters for financial and political support.

Mark Swanson



The greatest proof our embitterment, fear and lack of faith is found in abortion. Abortion says, “Your child’s life won’t be worth living. It will be filled with strife and misery.” More to the point, abortion says, “This child doesn’t deserve to be born. He doesn’t deserve the chance to make a difference.”

Is your life carved in stone? Are you incapable of learning from your mistakes? I say, “No!” Does that mean you should say, “My life is awful, and now I am pregnant? This child’s life is hopeless. I’ll just end it.” I say, “No!” No life is inescapably doomed. Every single person deserves a chance.

Andy Barr fights tirelessly for life. I have seen. Barr speak at pro-life events. I have spoken to him, encouraging him to keep up the good fight. Vote for Andy Barr. Vote for life

Christine Duryea


Liberal actions benefit all

Rep. Andy Barr has endorsed dark and scary TV ads against Amy McGrath and her “liberal” views. If you have Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, you are benefiting from programs established by liberals. Liberals want to work for free or low-cost healthcare and for free college tuition for your children and grandchildren. Liberals support strong unions to give workers the power to negotiate higher wages and better, safer working conditions. Are these things scary or beneficial to people?

Barr and fellow conservatives have given us tax breaks for the rich and for big corporations. They want to destroy the environment for corporate profits and they want to ditch free public education in favor of for-profit charter schools. These policies do nothing to help the hard-working middle class or the poor. Barr’s ads say little about the positive things he has done for Kentucky. There’s a reason for that.

Barbara Plymale


Vote Barr to protect life

I support Andy Barr because he supports our president. I am particularly supportive of his effort to protect life. As a young woman coming out of child sexual abuse, I found myself pregnant and having to choose between abortion and carrying the child for adoption.

Fortunately, Christian pro-life people encouraged me to birth my child. This summer, after 31 years, I reconnected with my son. He has a master’s degree in theology. He and his wife are Christian missionaries in Vidor, Texas. Had I had an abortion, I would have missed this wonderful experience with my son, and potentially seeing my grandchildren being born.

McGrath supports abortion. Barr has always been a strong voice for the unborn, consistently supporting the defunding of Planned Parenthood and other pro-life measures. Barr is the best choice for Kentucky. McGrath is too liberal and opposed to Kentucky values.

Whitney Wright


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