Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Celebrate Abe Lincoln in Lexington; a UK football game plan

A day about Lincoln

Come celebrate the first Lexington Lincoln Day on Nov. 17. The celebration will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the new VisitLEX Visitors Center at the newly renovated former Fayette County Courthouse. LEX History Tours and the Lexington History Museum are putting on this event with VisitLEX and the Explorium of Lexington. We will celebrate the significant influence that Lexington and Lexingtonians had on the remarkable life of Abraham Lincoln. We will also celebrate the recent designation of Camp Nelson as a national monument and its importance to Central Kentucky.

There will be activities for adults and children. Those include presentations on Lexington’s influence on Lincoln, followed by a short downtown walking tour displaying pertinent locations that made an impact on Lincoln during his three visits to Lexington. There will also be a short presentation describing the importance that Camp Nelson had on the African-American community in and around Lexington. The Explorium will provide a table with fun tools for kids to learn the history of Kentucky.

Phil Maxson


Borders or bye-bye country

Thanks to community columnist Michael Smith for his opinion piece, “If there were no borders.”

Smith, with wit and history, outlined the reality of borders and the foolishness of ignorant people opposing them.

Without referring to Thomas Hobbes, John Locke or Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Smith propagated the confusion that would exist without borders. As Hobbes opines in Leviathan, man must have government and borders to form a civil society, otherwise humans would exist in a “state of nature” dominated by civil war and cruel human impulses of a solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short life.

If one follows the liberal socialistic ideas of today’s Democratic leaders for sanctuary cities and lawlessness, America would soon fall into a state of nature and descend into uncivil society. One only had to watch the Supreme Court hearing the see the type of confusion Democratic leaders want to thrust on the American people. There were no rules and no respect for law and order. America needs stronger borders or we’re not a country.

Robert Adams


UK football game plan

There are three tiers to the SEC football divisions. In the first, the elite teams play for the top spot. The second is where the University of Kentucky finds itself this season, and it is the best team in this tier. The tier contains the cellar-dwellers, where UK made its home for the past few decades.

In order for UK to reach the top tier it has to maintain its second-tier competitiveness and recruiting has to improve even more. There also needs to be consistent recruitment and development of top-tier players. We have everything a new four- or five-star recruit needs except a winning tradition. Coach Mark Stoops has done very well recruiting the players needed to keep winning in the second tier. To compete and beat the elite SEC teams, we need to beat them in recruiting.

After decades in the third tier, we are winning. Let’s solidify our second-tier standing and work on being a more consistent winning team there, before we look to play the elites.

Marty Fields


Hospitals inhospitable

Imagine my surprise when I learned the UK Chandler Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital do not carry the SEC television network. The captive audience of patients and their families were not able to watch either the basketball and football games last week.

Mary Robinson


Freedom tweet

Attention, all those convicted in a federal prison: If you want your conviction commuted, all you have to do is send out a tweet praising President Donald Trump. And to further improve your chances bash his predecessor.

Robert Hoeller