Letters to the Editor

Letter writers unhappy with Trump’s no-show at WWI memorial, and other matters

GOP double standard

What if President Barack Obama had gone to France on the 100th anniversary of World War I, but instead of going to the scheduled commemoration of the Battle of Belleau Wood he had stayed in his room tweeting and watching TV? What if his excuse was that it was raining and the helicopter can’t fly, but the event was only an hour drive away?

The Republicans would be swinging from the rooftops screaming “coward,” “traitor,” “ingrate” and words that couldn’t even be printed. They would be demanding an investigation and impeachment, if not drawing and quartering.

Remember when Obama had the audacity to salute a Marine while holding a Starbucks cup in his hand? The Republicans had a hissy fit over that.

It boggles the imagination to try to conceive of their reaction to this. But hey, it was President Donald Trump, and the reaction from the Republicans is nada; crickets.

After all he might have gotten his hair wet, or maybe his bone spurs hurt. Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y? Faux Noise has no comment on this absolutely inexplicable behavior on the part of their idiot president.

Jim Porter


Trump needs a spanking

I was embarrassed by President Donald Trump’s behavior at the gathering of European leaders on Veterans Day weekend. If I could have reached inside my television I would have grabbed him by his ears, pulled him out and given him the spanking of his life.

They say not to spank kids, but Trump standing there with his bottom lip poked out, pouting like a three-year-old, was just too much for me to take.

He was purposefully late, as usual, like his ex-BFF Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was just another ploy for attention by making everybody wait for him. He missed the most important parts of the ceremony by claiming the weather was too bad for his helicopter to fly, even though all the rest of the leaders made it just fine.

And when the leaders gathered together on the streets of Paris to take their traditional walk side-by-side to show solidarity with one another, guess who was the only leader missing? Trump. He was acting like an underage teenager whose mama forced him to get out of bed Sunday morning to go to church.

Yolanda Averette


Right to choose

There is one part of the passionate pro-life/pro-choice debate that is overlooked. The pro-lifers believe life begins at conception and the fetus is a viable human being entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is a religious belief not shared by everyone. If the pro-lifers had their way, their religious beliefs would be forced on all women, enforced by the power of the state. That would be unconstitutional. Our forefathers would be appalled.

State-sponsored religion was why many early immigrants fled Europe. If conservatives want strict interpretation of the Constitution, they should support a woman’s right to her own religious beliefs, not that of the state.

Richard Kuehl


American psycho

The president attacks our news media as enemies of the people when in fact their services protect our democracy, freedom of speech and rule of law against a psycho. A president who attacks our allies and the leaders who have sacrificed millions of lives of their own people by standing with the United States in times of war must be a psycho.

Our CIA, Department of Justice, FBI, Secret Service and our Constitution are the walls of protection for the American people. It seems a psycho is trying his best to destroy those walls for his own advantage.

Who would go on television and mock a disabled person and trash Sen. John McCain, who was a prisoner of war and an American hero? Only a psycho would do such a thing.

Our psycho president believes sex out of wedlock is OK, paying for sex and lying about it is OK, groping women and calling them dogs is OK, separating babies and parents is OK and destroying our democracy is OK. Fearful of our psycho president, the Republican-controlled Congress thinks it’s OK.

Tilden R. Stumbo