Letters to the Editor

Letters: While giving thanks, thank yourself

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Thank yourself (doh!)

The most American of holidays is upon us: Thanksgiving.

Sure, we may live in the most prosperous country, with access to comforts and opportunities unavailable to most of the world’s population. We may be able to express opinions about our government, vote in elections remarkably free from corruption, worship whatever god or no god of our choosing and not be forcibly interred in a “reeducation camp.”

Who shall I give thanks to for all the above? Perhaps my parents, for allowing me to be born. Perhaps I should be thankful to the American founders who thought of all those checks and balances. Perhaps, I should give thanks to the stars or fate or blind chance. For indeed if we are all just a random collection of atoms, we easily could not have been.

Perhaps we owe thanks to no one but ourselves. For, if any of these things we enjoy are not attributable to chance then we only enjoy them because of our own industriousness. So, if we choose to utter a thanksgiving around the table, perhaps the prayer of Bart Simpson is most appropriate: “God, we paid for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing.”

Aaron Hensley


Don’t ignore traffic laws

I drive a lot as a ride-share driver and a courier. I see a lot of people flat-out disobeying traffic laws, whether they are a driver or a pedestrian.

Within one period of 24 hours, I witnessed two near misses that would have been head-on collisions, road rage, several pedestrians not paying attention and almost getting hit, and dangerously high speeding (roughly 80 mph in a 55 mph active construction zone with workers on the job.)

All of this can be avoided. My request is simple: Will the newspaper please do an expose on how all of this relates? I hope that something like that will finally get through to some of these people, as they have forgotten that they are not the only people in the world.

Sean Sprouse


Two paths for young adults

A recent letter writer talked about a group of unmarried girls who have children as a “career” choice, in order to get a government check. The other group, which includes my grandchildren, is very focused on preparing themselves for life by getting a good education.

They are in their mid-20s or older, have professional careers and are busy paying off student debt and trying to save money. Marriage and children aren’t parts of their lives yet, as they want to be financially secure first.

Something is wrong with one group having offspring and struggling to provide for them, while the other delays the start of their families because of student debt and the high cost of raising and educating children.

Maybe we need to promote a system that offers the best possibility for preparing our next generation of leaders. Leaders, educators, everyone — think about it. Can’t we do better?

Charles Adams


Trump cheats workers

President Donald Trump has pardoned people incarcerated for breaking the law and who lied to government officials, claiming that the government treated them unfairly.

Trump used the laws to cheat our steelworkers, electricians and American laborers because when he and his companies were taken to court he filed for bankruptcy, not once, but five times. Even now Trump is trying to destroy labor unions for his personal gain. He is bragging that he doesn’t care about our government’s laws and is implementing his own.

Trump has no respect for America’s working class or senior citizens. Trump rants and raves that news affiliates are fake news, yet he uses these affiliates to spread lies and undermine anybody who doesn’t cater to him. Trump is delusional and he and his constituents will be the downfall of our society.

Pete Herrera

Van Lear