Letters to the Editor

Letters: Funding charter schools; medical review panels; bad actions at UK basketball games


Bolster Ky. public schools

Gov. Matt Bevin and Wayne Lewis, his education commissioner, seem intent on using charter schools to undermine the public school system.

They want to create a funding mechanism where taxes meant for public schools follow pupils who enroll in charter schools. Funds previously available to educate all students will be funneled to for-profit educational enterprises.

Charter schools may benefit rich individuals and corporations tied to Republican advocates, but their benefit to pupils is not proven. Kentucky should shout a deafening “no” to this ploy for grabbing taxpayer money.

The public school system is already seriously underfunded. First restore transportation costs, school materials and incentives to attract and retain strong teachers. Education has suffered too many deep cuts. Poorer districts haven’t been able to make up the difference, and their children are disadvantaged. Innovative programs to raise educational standards have been gutted.

Crucially, preschool and kindergarten programs need expansion. Public education is at the center of a healthy democracy and thriving communities. Internationally, countries that score highest in educational standards value their teachers and education itself. Tell legislators not to undermine the future of our children. Say “yes” to public education and “thank you” to teachers.

Margaret Gardiner


Trump a would-be despot

Well, our president adds another despicable act to his repertoire. As if pathologically lying, being Vladimir Putin’s flunky, caging children, dishonoring our veterans and our armed forces, decimating our justice system, and spitting on the First Amendment were not enough, he now becomes an accessory to homicide after the fact, cavalierly sanctioning murder because money’s involved.

He has told his Saudi cronies and the rest of the world America’s morality is for sale. When will the Republican eunuchs realize tax cuts for the rich and packing the court with judges are not enough to justify having this evil, evil would-be despot as their leader, display some non-partisan courage, and oust him from office?

Charles Edward Pogue


Thanks for nothing

It was a truly glorious Thanksgiving. At least 10,000 needy Kentuckians are expected to be cut from a food program. Nearly 100,000 Kentuckians are losing access to health care via Medicaid. What more could we be thankful for?

I can hardly wait for Christmas to see what additional gifts will be bestowed on the citizens of our commonwealth.

Wayne Wilson


Detrimental court decision

The Kentucky Supreme Court’s decision to discard the law requiring panel reviews of medical malpractice suits is extremely disappointing. Such panels in other states have uniformly succeeded in lowering malpractice rates and the overall cost of health care.

The time before merit-worthy suits reach the courtroom has actually decreased by virtue of frivolous suits being dropped when judged to be of no merit. In a state besieged by high rates of chronic diseases and under-served areas, this will only serve to increase the problem because recruiting health care professionals will become more difficult and experienced professionals late in their careers will accelerate retirement.

It’s a lose-lose situation for the citizens of this state, thanks to the state Supreme Court.

Mike Daugherty


Did GOP fund caravan?

President Donald Trump has spewed out accusations that the Democrats and their big donors like George Soros are funding and encouraging the latest migrant caravan from Central America.

Why is nobody considering or even mentioning the possibility that the caravan might have been organized and funded by Republican operatives or by their big donors, like the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson?

The timing of it was certainly perfect to coincide with the recent elections, and it would be a campaign gimmick consistent with the kind of manipulative trickery and deceit Lee Atwater and Newt Gingrich used.

Maybe it should be investigated by the FBI — if they have any resources left after all the other investigation they have to do.

Glenn Rainey


Foul on Chick-Fil-A

I agree with John Calipari when he said the Big Blue Nation should cheer for our team, and not against our opponent.

Over the years there even have been times when our fans gave an opponent’s player a standing ovation to reward an extraordinary performance. We applaud good play no matter who does it.

But now Chick-Fil-A says if our fans cheer loud enough against the other team to make their player miss both of their free throws in the second half of a game, it will give us all a pat on the head and a biscuit for being bad little sports.

Gosh, will the company give us some sides if we boo the opponent’s cheerleaders too?

I think Chick-Fil-A, which promotes how Christian it is, ought to think about how un-Christian that message is. I also think UK shouldn’t take money from companies that encourage poor sportsmanship.

Chris Bohmer


Disrespect for anthem

For the first time in a while, I went to a University of Kentucky men’s basketball game. First, let me say I am 71 years old, which may be why I have a problem. But during the National Anthem before the game started, players showed anything but respect to the flag.

They were laughing and cutting up during the anthem. Everyone in the crowd around us stood and placed hands over hearts.

My problem is not so much with the players. This is the coaches’ problem.

Bill Warren