Letters to the Editor

Letters: Wipe out TB; Baby Boomers too destructive; Say goodbye to McConnell

Wipe out tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is rarely spoken of in the news anymore, especially in American news. Growing up, I had never heard of TB other than it was an old disease that we had “eradicated” from America. After joining RESULTS (a non-profit, anti-poverty group) I became more aware of the spread of TB across not only the world, but in America, too.

A quarter of the world’s population is infected with TB. Some people have symptoms and are aware of their illness, while others have no symptoms and may never show signs. Even without symptoms, they are still spreading the disease. In America, over 400 people died from TB in 2016, and the same year 1.7 million deaths were related to TB worldwide.

With so many deaths, we can’t disregard this issue any more. These people are dying hard, painful deaths. We have the medications available to end this — we only have to put humanity over our pocket book.

Congress should do more to support the true eradication of TB in America and in the world.

Aiden Reece


Our children are dying

We are letting U.S. politicians kill our children. We have a huge drug and health problem that is killing them. Contributing to this are illegal immigrants entering our country with drugs and disease. This has serious consequences.

If parents demand that politicians stop the entry of illegal drugs and disease, it will stop.

Health professionals are alarmed about the comeback of extremely contagious diseases that once were conquered. Children and older people are being killed by uncontrolled diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and hepatitis A. Many illegal immigrants are not vaccinated for these diseases.

One person could bring the Ebola virus to America. It quickly kills almost every person it comes into contact with. Large segments of our country could die. It is impossible to protect against infection when associating with people who have unknown illnesses.

Since 1892, Ellis Island and other processing centers required all legal immigrants to be verified medically safe to enter America. What changed?

Save a child. Ask them to stop the killing of our children by building a wall.

Larry Austin


No baby-boomer fan

The “worst” generation is the baby-boomer generation, born after World War II from 1946-1964, coming to power when Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992.

How did this large generation turn out for the rest of Americans trying to get by and survive and instill in our children “E Pluribus Unum,” freedom of speech and hope for the rest of the civilized world? The baby boomers tore down every civility and all the social cohesions that keep a stable society together.

This horde has ruined everything they have touched. Baby boomers never had any moral or ethical underpinnings, so they committed the most egregious acts against their own minds and bodies and had no moral authority to apply to their children. They have hurt more children than the Taliban, have ruined our colleges and universities and public schools, trashed free speech and produced a generation, the millennials, who cannot stand on their own two feet.

I confess, and will don a hair shirt, for I am an 82-year-old white male who worked until I was 70 and am searching on the internet to see how I can cash in on some of those “privileges” I have missed.

David W. Masters


Goodbye, Mitch

I have paid into Social Security for over 40 years now. This was my money that rich politicians like Sen. Mitch McConnell took from my paycheck by force. This was a contract our government made with us — they would take our money and wisely invest it, and then we would get our money back when we reached retirement age. Therefore, I am entitled to this money.

I find it more than appalling that this elitist, privileged and out-of-touch politician, for whom we pay his full medical benefits, overblown retirement benefits and salary, dares to threaten my Social Security. It is important to note that other congressional leaders have also echoed this same sentiment.

It’s time to “Ditch Mitch” and all other politicians who have overstayed their welcome. I am a Republican and this is not a party issue, this is a term-limit issue. We need to fire them all and let God sort them out.

Darlene Fitzgerald Price

Whitley City