Letters to the Editor

Concern for immigrants, gun violence, and a few post-election thoughts

Migrants pray during a vigil outside the Benito Juarez Sports Center serving as a temporary shelter for Central American migrants in Tijuana, Mexico, Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018. The mayor of Tijuana has declared a humanitarian crisis in his border city and says that he has asked the United Nations for aid to deal with the approximately 5,000 Central American migrants who have arrived in the city.
Migrants pray during a vigil outside the Benito Juarez Sports Center serving as a temporary shelter for Central American migrants in Tijuana, Mexico, Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018. The mayor of Tijuana has declared a humanitarian crisis in his border city and says that he has asked the United Nations for aid to deal with the approximately 5,000 Central American migrants who have arrived in the city. AP Photo

Be kinder to migrants

We, the Sisters of St. Francis and Associates of Tiffin, Ohio, recognize the right of every person to live in safety with access to the basic necessities of life. We are watching with growing concern as thousands of Central Americans are moving toward the southern border of the United States looking for a safe haven. Most left their own countries because of poverty, violence and life-threatening situations. In light of this, we call for the following:

▪ No use of military forces at the border; no traumatizing of children and their parents.

▪ No penalizing the countries of origin with threats to reduce aid.

▪ Treatment that reflects respect for the dignity of each person.

▪ Use of available U.S. resources to assist those who come to our border.

▪ Allow those who have a case for asylum to follow the legal process without being held in detention.

We call for new immigration policies that respect the dignity of each person and honor the sacredness of family unity. In solidarity with those who are vulnerable, we advocate for policies that reflect compassion toward those who approach the United States with hope in their hearts.

Sisters Angie Kiel and Marge Eilerman


Sister Theresa Kehres


Borderline hypocrisy

So a guy who has filed for bankruptcy six times — bilking financial backers out of millions of dollars all the while suing or being sued over 4,000 times over “deals” — calls an itinerant migrant who has just walked over 1,000 miles with his wife and two small children who want nothing more than to seek a better life in this country a criminal.

Does he not understand his own hypocrisy? Of course not. That requires compassionate reasoning and intelligence.

Bob Sutton


Teachers union failed

This year, the big bully on the playground was the Kentucky Education Association. It spent enormous amounts of teachers’ money to try to elect liberal Democrats.

KEA officials and members of the Kentucky Democratic Party decided they wanted to wage war on the Republicans in Frankfort for trying to fix the teacher pensions. The Frankfort Democrats, KEA union thugs and the liberal media did everything they could to sabotage the effort.

Fortunately, the good citizens of Kentucky saw through the tricks and voted to keep Republicans in super-majorities in both chambers. Our economy is now starting to take off and Kentuckians have had enough of the good ol’ boy Democrats and their liberal cronies.

Remember that the future of our kids lies with a strong economy and abundant opportunities for all. It’s an outrage when these KEA union thugs lie to our teachers. In the old days we needed unions to protect workers, but nowadays teachers need protection from the corrupt teachers union.

Bill Marshall


Remain vigilant

On behalf of the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association, I want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the retired teachers throughout Lexington and Central Kentucky who stood up to Frankfort during this year's debate over public pensions. Without their strong advocacy, the more than 50,000 retired teachers in our state would be facing a much bleaker future. The countless phone calls, letters and emails, the attendance at public forums, their willingness to travel to Frankfort and testify in committees, meet with legislators and show unity for the cause clearly made a difference.

As they did throughout their careers, they once again taught us the value of hard work, research, tenacity, decorum and how to effectively and cogently argue for what is right. We must now remain vigilant and engaged as our state lawmakers prepare for the 2019 session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

Tim Abrams

Executive Director

Kentucky Retired Teachers Association


MetroNet flawed

MetroNet is currently being installed in Lexington. The possibility of a cheap high-speed connection sounds good, but there is a gaping issue that few people are talking about.

Everybody hopes that MetroNet will be a vanguard for future high-tech jobs, but speed is just a component of the package. Another component is IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6). MetroNet doesn’t support IPv6.

To put this into context, every cell phone uses IPv6. Every broadband (cable) service provides IPv6. Every modern computer tries to establish an IPv6 connection first. All modern smart TVs support IPv6. It’s nearly impossible to find something made in the last eight years that doesn't support IPv6.

I have lived in many parts of the country and the world and worked with many different internet service providers. The only other service provider that doesn't support IPv6 is WindStream.This protocol was developed because the number of IPv4 addresses needed for internet-connected devices was projected to be exhausted within a few years.

This is not a security issue. It is a functional limitation that will become more apparent as time goes on. It will not support the requirements of a modern high-tech workforce.

Jeff Forsyth


Climate skeptic

I’m a skeptic, pejoratively a denier, because I don’t believe the doomsday climate hogwash being foisted on the public by the government and media.

So what am I denying?

I don’t believe the much-manipulated climate record is reliable. Temperatures for the first half of the 20th century have been progressively whittled down to make the record agree with the global warming narrative.

I don’t believe the climate models are valid. For 30 years, their predictions have been wrong.I don’t believe increasing CO2 has any effect on climate and therefore no ill effects on people, plants or animals.

I don’t believe polar bears are in any danger of extinction.I don’t believe sea levels are rising faster now than they have in past centuries.I don’t believe the spread of tropical diseases has any relation with warmer weather.

I don’t believe the current weather is out of line with natural, cyclical climate variation.

I believe a warmer world is happier, healthier and more prosperous. I believe that CO2 is absolutely necessary for the existence of all life forms on the planet. I believe the sun and oceans control Earth’s climate.

George Tomaich


Hey, big spenders…

For the record, I do not favor vote buying. But it’s rather ironic that an underpaid school administrator in Eastern Kentucky will spend two years in prison for buying a few votes in a local election while everything I read and hear seems to imply that the candidate with the biggest bankroll is usually favored to win.

The last I saw, the amount of money spent on the 6th District congressional race was more than $12 million, for a position that pays something like $174,000 ayear.

As Granny used to say, “Seems to me like something is rotten in Denmark.”

Ed Boden


A vote for home security

During the recent election season, I often found a large, colorful, flier hanging on my front door, advertising that I might not be home. If I wanted people to know that I am away, or at least unresponsive, I wouldn't be so careful to make the house look occupied any time I am away. I deeply resent having something left on my front door that gives my house the appearance of being unoccupied.

So my newly adopted policy is to never, ever vote for any political candidate whose supporters leave anything on my property without my explicit permission. That behavior tells me that the candidate is more concerned with being elected (or re-elected) than with the safety and well-being of the people who live in the area.

Inconsiderate, self-centered people have no place in our government.

Martha Victoria Rosett


Help mentally ill

We recently have seen more gun violence than most of us can remember. We had guns in the United States in my youth as we do now, but many fewer atrocities. The difference that I see is in mental-health care.

I am not criticizing mental-health caregivers, but we had a different approach in the past. There were mental-health care facilities – hospitals – where people who were considered dangerous to themselves or others were treated until deemed safe to rejoin the community. Mass shootings are often committed by people whom friends, family, neighbors and co-workers recognize as posing a threat, but they aren’t reported or treated.

I am a physician but not involved in mental-health care and cannot tell those professionals how to do their jobs, but I can say that many of these violent people need health care that is different from what they receive. I urge those who know a person with an illness that may involve aggression or violence to help to see they get the care they need.

Dr. William L. Underwood


Medal of greed-om?

The father of a friend of mine was a Medal of Freedom (known as America's highest civilian recognition) recipient. You could not print what he would have said about the apparent award by President Trump of the medal for political contributions to the Republican Party.

John C. Wolff Jr.