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Letters: I’ve earned my Social Security; Wealthy cashing in on tax cuts; Trump burning bridges

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Protect my Social Security

I have paid into Social Security for over 40 years now. This was my money that rich politicians like Sen. Mitch McConnell took from my paycheck by force. This was a contract our government made with us: They would take our money and wisely invest it, and then we would get our money back when we reached retirement age.

Therefore, I am entitled to this money. I find it more than appalling that this elitist, privileged and out-of-touch politician, for whom we pay full medical benefits, over-blown retirement benefits and salary, dares to threaten my Social Security. It is important to note that other congressional leaders have also echoed this sentiment.

It’s time to “Ditch Mitch” and all other politicians who have overstayed their welcome. I am a Republican and this is not a party issue, this is a term-limit issue. We need to fire them all and let God sort them out.

Darlene Fitzgerald Price

Whitley City

Wealthy cash in on cuts

President Donald Trump and his Republican friends’ tax cut starting in 2018 is really a corporate and wealthy man’s tax cut. In his narcissistic and lying way, Trump continues to refer to this as a middle-class tax cut.

According to the Tax Policy Center, the GOP plan provides a $980 cut for the middle class. As you go down the income ladder, people at the lower end go from a 10 percent tax bracket to a 12 percent tax bracket. Some cities and states have raised taxes, and commodities have gone up in cost as well.

The top one percent would receive a cut of $146,470. In addition to this tax cut, those receiving millions of dollars in inheritance would not have to pay taxes on it. Over the next decade the wealthier people and corporations will save $678 billion.

It appears to me that the top one percent income bracket, corporations and major stockholders are the ones really getting the tax breaks. It looks like fuzzy math for the middle class.

Jerry Powell


What do we owe?

If a pregnant woman breaks into a house and while there has her baby, does this mean the homeowner is now obligated to care for her baby for the rest of its life?

William R. Elam


Meat industry terrifying

The meat industry deprives, mutilates, cages and then butchers billions of cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens — animals that feel joy, affection, sadness and pain, as we do.

This is the industry that exposes undocumented workers to chronic workplace injuries at slave wages, and exploits farmers and ranchers by dictating market prices.

This industry contributes more to our epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer than any other, then bullies health authorities to remove health warnings from dietary guidelines. It sanctions world hunger by feeding nutritious corn and soybeans to animals instead of people.

This industry generates more water pollution than all other human activities, spews more greenhouse gases than all transportation, and destroys more wildlife habitats than all other industries.

Fortunately, my local supermarket offers a rich selection of plant-based meats, milks, cheeses and ice creams, as well as a colorful display of fresh fruits and veggies. Even the meat industry publication Feedstuffs reports that sales of plant-based foods doubled last year. That's what gives me both courage and hope.

Lawrence Hoffman


Trump burning bridges

A recent letter writer had an interesting comment in a letter with the headline “McConnell enables Trump.” I can’t disagree. Sen. Mitch McConnell doesn’t seek the truth but rather seeks his own agenda, which includes putting in a less-than-stellar Supreme Court justice.

The last bastion of perceived honesty in all the branches has been tarnished. McConnell is bad news and needs to go, as in quit or retire; he’s an old and arrogant man.

Regarding President Donald Trump, what he did in Europe by not attending the World War I service was disgraceful. To blame his staff for his ignorance and laziness was inexcusable. French President Emmanuel Macron had it right.

As for me, I’m a patriot and not a nationalist. So many of us don’t understand the phrase “No man is an island.” Some day, we will be in a bind, need help and be told to get lost because of this guy. On top of that, to not go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day was disgraceful. That said, what can one expect from someone who avoided the draft back in his heyday? At least the Russians seem to like him and vice versa.

Chuck Slanovec