Letters to the Editor

Letters: There is a right to be born; Kick old white guys out of power

Kick out old white guys

My husband and I are old white people and are completely disgusted with the fear-mongering of old white guys running this country who are desperate to keep their power at all costs.

These are the ones who push the fear of women as equals to men, the fear of anyone with darker skin, the fear of any immigrant from somewhere other than western Europe, and the fear of the future.

The smug, self-righteous, self-satisfied looks on the faces of these guys as they revel in the sounds of their own voices during hearings, speeches to empty Senate chambers and in front of the nearest television cameras is sickening.

It is past time for them to go away and to be replaced by people who accurately reflect the nature of our wonderful and changing nation.

Jane Ewalt


Right to be born

In April, Gov. Matt Bevin signed into law the Human Rights of Unborn Children Act, an act that passed both houses of the General Assembly by overwhelming margins. The law makes it a Class D felony to perform an abortion that results in the “bodily dismemberment, crushing, or human vivisection of the unborn child when the probable post-fertilization age of the unborn child is 11 weeks or greater, except in the case of a medical emergency.”

At 11 weeks’ gestation, an unborn child has a beating heart, tooth buds and eyelids fused shut. She uses her arms and legs to swim gracefully in her mother’s womb. Without a law protecting her bodily integrity, the hospitable refuge of her mother’s womb can become a literal killing field where she is vulnerable to the horrific and painful dismemberment of her body while she is still alive.

A court challenge to the dismemberment ban filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and Louisville’s abortion clinic is awaiting a decision by U.S. District Court Judge Joseph McKinley.

The right to be born, to take the first breath of air, is foundational. It is the right upon which all others are predicated.

Catherine Murr Young


Respect the flag

The truth about people kneeling during the national anthem isn’t about people who are left-wing or right-wing. It’s about showing respect (or lack thereof) for the flag of the United States of America which represents all of the people who have or are serving in the armed forces that secured Colin Kaepernick and the others the right to kneel during the anthem.

I will stand as long as I am able.

Eugene Sharp


Pimping the presidency

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines prostitute as a person who uses himself or his abilities or beliefs in a way that does not deserve respect, especially in a way to get money. President Donald Trump incessantly lies for the purpose of gaining money and power. He is the perfect example of a person who prostitutes himself.

For a prostitute to be successful, he uses a pimp or pimps to sell his lies. Many of the Christian and most of the evangelical leadership have enthusiastically provided this service. The leaders condoned and minimized Trump’s misogyny, cruelty, mocking of the disabled, bullying, adultery and other behaviors that are totally repugnant to the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Golden Rule.

One would think that after obtaining the Supreme Court justice of their choice, these leaders would return to preaching and end the pimping. Not so. The Rev. Pat Robertson condoned the murder of a journalist because the profits from the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia should not be lost. Imagine a preacher of any faith condoning murder for profit. The Republicans in the House and Senate are no better as they sit in silence witnessing these atrocities.

R. Don Goble


Barr’s position so dated

Now that the dust has settled somewhat on the Barr-McGrath congressional campaign, a look at Rep. Andy Barr’s values is apropos.

In one of Barr’s ads, he accused Amy McGrath of being a “feminist,” as if that word were a pejorative. Because a feminist is someone who believes that women should have the same rights, opportunities and pay as men, it must be that Barr still believes women should be second-class citizens. And perhaps many of Barr’s supporters believe that women should remain barefoot and pregnant.

How very 19th-century of Barr. Although this is Kentucky where things happen 10 years later than the rest of the country, this attitude is 100 years out of date and not something we need from our Washington representatives. Now that Barr, the “non-feminist,” is representing Central Kentucky he will most likely mirror President Donald Trump’s attitude towards women, which as we have seen is neither supportive nor respectful.

Ginny L. Grulke