Letters to the Editor

Letters: CDC downplays abortion deaths; Barr’s brutal campaign

CDC downplays abortion

Funding should be ended for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This federal organization’s mission is to protect America from health, safety and security threats.

The CDC maintains a list of the leading causes of death, which is used to prioritize public health interventions. However, the CDC does not include the leading cause of death in America, elective abortion. The CDC’s own, flawed tabulation of abortions exceeds the top killer on their official list, heart disease.

CDC pegs the annual toll from heart disease at 635,260, while it says abortion kills 638,169. However, reporting of abortions is voluntary. California, Maryland and New Hampshire did not report their numbers to the CDC.

A more accurate number, reported by the Guttmacher Institute, a sexual and reproductive health policy research group, puts the number at 926,200 – 46 percent higher than heart disease. And unlike heart disease deaths, those from abortion are voluntary, intentional and preventable.

No organization failing so egregiously to meet its stated purpose has any business receiving tax dollars.

David Volk


Brutal Barr campaign

We have survived another long, brutal, negative and shameless Republican Andy Barr congressional campaign. It was a campaign of lies, fabrications, misinformation, distortions and misrepresentations with a timeless list of intellectually dishonest political ads and positions.

Barr suggested his opponent approved of late-term abortions; said that the Republican tax cut is a middle-class cut when 80 percent went to businesses and the rich; used grieving families as political props; and claimed that his military-retiree opponent was liberal/progressive, not like us.

He suggested his opponent would turn control of the nation’s health care system over to the federal government and featured that all-time Barr favorite, the discredited coal boys’ claim that Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton destroyed East Kentucky coal.

Barr required a visit from the president to get him across the finish line. His rallies create a mob mentality appealing to bigotry, racism, prejudice, sexism, xenophobia, denigration of our institutions, values, norms and traditions, attacking political leaders, nationalism and nativism.

Obviously, his message was well-received in the 6th District’s rural counties.

Danny Shearer


Malice, not stupidity

We are indeed fortunate to have three political leaders who have described themselves or are assumed to be intelligent: President Donald Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Gov. Matt Bevin.

It is encouraging to have these three individuals so gifted and convinced that only they know the narrow path to save us from ourselves.

Hanlon’s Razor suggests one should not attribute to malice what can best be explained by stupidity. Obviously, stupidity is not the problem for these men and their policies. This might well be an instance in which Hanlon is incorrect and malice is the best explanation for their actions.

Charles Myers


Renew black lung fund

The Black Lung Disability Trust Fund is in grave danger. The fund, which provides medical care and living expenses to the 15,000 former miners living with black lung disease, expires at the end of the year.

Please call or email Sen. Mitch McConnell to request that the RECLAIM Act be fully funded.

Margaret Ricketts


Generally speaking

Once Gen. John Kelly leaves his government post, I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about Donald Trump as an individual and as a “leader.”

Bob Hoeller