Letters to the Editor

Letters: Make Lexington safer; End ‘one and done’; Keep Barr accountable

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Make Lexington safer

I am sickened and saddened by the murder of Clarence Henley on Nov. 23. How did Lexington become a city where you have to fear going to work?

Henley leased a space beside us on the drag strip some 20 years ago. We watched him build a successful business from scratch and would run into him and his family at church and school festivals.

Then this, after he moved his business to Delaware Street so it could grow.

Look at the facts. According to the website Neighbor Scout, our city is rated 7 percent out of 100 percent in safety. This is unacceptable at any cost.

A July report by the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy reported the “number of deaths from drug overdoses in Kentucky jumped 11.5 percent in 2017 to 1,565, setting a new record,” according to a Herald-Leader article. We have buried far too many kids from overdoses.

Henley was not a statistic. He was a husband, a father, a friend and part of the success of Lexington, not the problem.

I am calling on everyone in power, from the mayor all the way down, to fix this and do it now. No more excuses.

Sharon K. McCarrell-Moore


End ‘one and done’

Is it just me, or does University of Kentucky men’s basketball Coach John Calipari need a fresh, new strategy? Lately, he seems just to make excuses. And we all lose.

I believe UK needs a new coach if Calipari cannot stop doing the same "one-and-done" game plan, expecting a different result.

We need to encourage four-year commitments from our UK basketball recruits, rather than put the focus on making it into the NBA.

Experience plus talent is a winning strategy.

Elizabeth Wallen


Keep Barr accountable

My wife, Cathy, and I love Amy McGrath. She ran a great campaign and we are sorry she lost. We thank her for running.

McGrath created an amazing campaign group and they did a great job. Many of us learned a lot and are more empowered and dedicated to doing the best we can for the people of the 6th District. She inspired 13-year-olds to 66-year-olds to become involved with politics and public service.

A 71-year-old woman registered to vote for the first time so she could vote for McGrath. Sixth district voters missed a golden opportunity to get a much better representative than Andy Barr, and I am disappointed that the majority of them responded to the horrible negative ads Barr ran.

As a moderate Republican. I found much more common ground with McGrath. Barr has shown in the past a disdain for the 90 percent of us who are lower middle class, working poor and marginalized.

Now that he has been elected for another two years, we need to hold him accountable. He needs to hold town halls and we need to show up, in all parts of the district.

Chuck Eddy


No Trump loyalty

Increasingly, more and more Republicans are coming to the realization that for President Donald Trump, loyalty, aside from a couple of people (not his wife or children), is a one-way, monopoly demand from others.

He has no loyalty to the United States, no loyalty to its Constitution, no loyalty to its people, no loyalty to the party that sponsors him, no loyalty to his base of cultists, no loyalty to his wife, no loyalty to his former wives or mistresses, none to his children, no loyalty to nearly anyone.

He is loyal only to himself and apparently Russian President Vladimir Putin and policy adviser Stephen Miller. Even in this seeming loyalty to ones outside of himself, one wonders if it is loyalty borne of fear, admiration or both for either Putin or Miller.

Sen. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans have to know by now that Trump will throw anyone who is not useful to him under the bus, and that it is an inevitability that at some point even his most loyal and ardent supporters will be sacrificed on his altar. Trump's narcissism is a black hole devouring all who hazard being in his orbit.

Robert Moreland