Letters to the Editor

Letters: Open all of renovated courthouse to public; Responses to local columnists, letter writers

The restored dome of the circa 1899 old Fayette County Courthouse is part of a $32 million renovation.
The restored dome of the circa 1899 old Fayette County Courthouse is part of a $32 million renovation. teblen@herald-leader.com

Dome disappointment

Recently I took a side trip to the newly renovated courthouse. If one reads the Herald-Leader and other news outlets they will find articles stating the $32 million renovation will “restore the 120-year-old structure for public use” and even Mayor Jim Gray says that “it welcomes everyone.”

As an architect and resident of Lexington for over 50 years, I was most eager to see the crowning jewel of the project, that being the restored dome. Imagine my disappointment when I observed that access to the third floor, from where one can view the dome, is off limits to the general public. I guess my tax dollars only went as far as the first floor.

And before others tell me that you can view portions of the dome through a small opening in the level-three glass floor, be advised that is where the elitists have elected to place their Christmas tree.

If you are going to improve a structure, use public tax revenue to pay for it and tout it as a “public” building, then at least make it viewable by the public. It was a nice tree, however.

Larry Schwering


Bible puts lie to global warming

Community columnist Kris O’Daniel’s recent opinion piece, “Children are warming up to global warming,” is most disturbing. Global warming is a ruse used to increase taxes and enrich perpetrators.

Genesis teaches “Never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.” Known as the Noahic covenant, it can’t be changed or revoked. The rainbow is our perpetual reminder, a promise from the God of our creation.

We watch while money-grabbers place fear in the hearts of children and gullible adults by lying that the Earth is headed for destruction, when God alone has power over his plans for the world. I urge those who make fools of themselves to speak the truth about an evil that has become a destructive force to millions.

According to Forbes columnist Larry Bell, “the ripple effect of global warming initiatives actually costs Americans $1.75 trillion every year which is more than enough to build the wall.” Which is most important to the security to our nation: the wall, or allowing liberals to continue on their path of destruction?

Mary L. Holman


A plea for clean water

I’ve been reading over the last few months about Martin County and its lack of water. After reading personal stories of those who are without water, at first I wanted to scream: “Get them water! This not an impoverished country and people deserve clean water.” Now I am pleading. Please, please, please help get Martin and other counties clean water. What must Kentucky do?

Nancy Atcher


Keep child out of debate

I affirm the viewpoints expressed last month by a letter writer in response to an Oct. 3 opinion piece by The Rev. Leah D. Schade, in which Schade used her son to make negative points about then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. I immediately responded via email disagreeing with Schade’s statements and her use of her son in stating her opinions. Across the years, I have found it very concerning, even harmful, to bring our children into religious and political debates, both of which Schade did. I wish to express gratitude for the letter writer’s comments.

Noel White


Constitution before flag

A letter writer earlier this month, without being specific to the point, appears to have chosen the flag over the Constitution. The letter mentioned those who have served. I served more than 21 years of enlisted and commissioned active duty. A portion of my oath was to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America…” We were not given the option to choose when we did so.

It remains the same for me today as when I first took the oath. I love my country and I deeply respect the flag that represents it. However, the Constitution, not the flag, is preeminent because it is the very foundation of this country. Availing yourself of the rights within the Constitution, particularly the freedom of speech, can never be disrespectful to the United States of America.

Bennie Gayle Patton


Hanlon’s razor, applied

A letter writer earlier this month claimed that three Republican leaders were motivated by either malice or stupidity. He determined that because they are likely not stupid, then malice was their only possible motivation. In an attempt to appear intelligent, witty and to be using infallible logic, he referenced Hanlon’s razor. Can’t argue with fancy terms, now, can we?

Here’s another fancy term: false dichotomy. The writer erroneously uses Hanlon’s razor to ignore the possibility of any other reasons for their behaviors. So the question is: Why did the writer do this? Well, using Hanlon’s razor myself, I doubt that the writer meant any malice, so draw your own conclusions.

Wade A. Mitchell