Letters to the Editor

Letters: Improve gun checks; Veterans deserve respect; McGrath hurt herself


Gun check ineffective

How many mass shootings will it take for us to accept that a personal right to own a gun is incompatible with the right to life?

Our current background check system rejects about two percent of people who apply, according to The Trace, a nonprofit which reports on gun violence.

Mass shootings are often called “senseless”, but it is our current “sense” about background checks that is wrong if we want to minimize shootings.

We allow people to have guns who shouldn’t, in order to reduce the howling from those whose “rights” are restricted.

You are right to fear the person with a permit to carry a gun. Our background check system is lousy. We have too many people with guns already to eliminate mass shootings. “Good guys with guns” won’t do it. And who can know if a good guy today won’t be a bad guy tomorrow?

Jack W. Morris

Stamping Ground

Veterans owed respect

Last month, the White House shared a copy of a letter with me that a veteran wrote the president of the United States.

The veteran had surgery at the Lexington Veterans Affairs Health Care System. As he awakened from general anesthesia, he heard a member of our post-op staff whispering in his ear, “Thank you for making my children free. Thank you for my freedom. Thank you for my country being safe. Thank you for your sacrifice.”

In his letter, he describes how when he returned home from Vietnam in May 1969, he was walking in the Chicago airport and people started spitting on him, covering his face, medals and name tag. They called him names and told him he was not welcome in our country.

His homecoming affected him, like so many of our Vietnam veterans, for years. Now the words our employee whispered have taken root. He calls her a “hero.”

At our center, we are committed to treating every veteran, every day, with the honor, dignity and respect they have earned and deserved, just like on Veterans Day.

Emma Metcalf

Director, Lexington VA Medical Center


Trump tearing U.S. down

President Donald Trump continually promises to make America great. Yet, according to Fact Check, he has told over 5,000 lies in less than two years in office.

He has mocked women who were assaulted, belittled wounded or captured veterans like Sen. John McCain, demonized critics, attacked the free press, insulted our long-term allies while fawning over the world’s cruelest and most corrupt dictators, filled the “swamp” with officials whose greed and malice know no limits, accused dedicated lifetime security agents of incompetence or bias while they have averted numerous terrorist attacks on our nation, questioned the intelligence of scientists, proven himself a masterful bully, tax evader and misogynist, and repeatedly displayed an ignorance of basic human decency.

Two hundred years has proven our country’s greatness so there is nothing further that Trump can do to prove our greatness, although there is much he can do and is doing to prove we are no longer the country that achieved so much in our history.

Henry Everman


Onward, football Wildcats

This University of Kentucky Wildcats’ football season was outstanding. Thank you, Coach Mark Stoops and all the players. But more opportunity lies ahead. Let’s do it again next year. We ended the year ranked 15th in the country. Not bad, but there are still 14 teams that did even better. Let’s keep setting expectations higher and move on up.

Buckner Woodford


McGrath defeated herself

When I saw the results of Kentucky’s 6th District House election, I noticed the difference was less than 10,000 votes. And I have to believe that Amy McGrath’s own words got her beat.

Rep. Andy Barr had some great TV ads that show McGrath talking about being “the most left and progressive person in the state of Kentucky” and another ad where McGrath says, “This is not about Kentucky.” Really?

I cannot help but think McGrath would not have won the primary over Lexington Mayor Jim Gray if voters knew about her far left-wing ideas. And I think that Gray would have won the seat.

James Morrison