Letters to the Editor

Letters: Don’t abandon the Kurds in Syria; Mexico will not pay for wall; Open the borders and let liberals see consequences

Fighters allied with the United States against the Islamic State practiced firing their small arms at an undisclosed training range in northern Syria in 2016.
Fighters allied with the United States against the Islamic State practiced firing their small arms at an undisclosed training range in northern Syria in 2016. Associated Press

Don’t betray the Kurds

Over the years, the U.S. has attempted to train reluctant allies who appear not to want to fight; people who threw away their guns at the first sight of the enemy or, even worse, shot trainers when their backs were turned.

The Kurds have been the exception. They only asked for arms, communications assistance and air cover. In the past two years, they have destroyed much of ISIS and recovered 90 percent of the territory the terrorists held

And what is their reward for being such strong allies? We learn that President Donald Trump is going to desert them, leaving them to the tender mercies of the Turks, the Syrian Army, the Russians and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah. While the Kurds are fierce fighters, they will be no match for the armies arrayed against them.

Yet, against the advice of his military advisers. Trump has agreed to abandon them to their destruction. What kind of man turns his back on the strongest allies we’ve ever had? What kind of man allows his allies to be butchered by their (and our) enemies? To me he is a traitor, a coward and a puppet in the thrall of dictators in Turkey and Russia.

Jim Porter


Civilians to suffer

The 2,000 or so troops we have in Syria are there mainly to gather intelligence along with performing special ops and keeping an eye on the Russians, Iranians and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s fighters.

By pulling out we will be giving the Russians, in particular, the green light to target combatants, as well as civilians. The Russians do not care about collateral (civilian) damage as long as some enemy combatants are also taken out.

Our presence on the ground is vital to gathering intel for our allies in the region as well as putting a check on the mass slaughter of civilians that will most likely occur if we withdraw from Syria.

Robert Hoeller


Humpty Trumpty

Donald J. Trumpty sat on a wall; Donald J. Trumpty had a great fall.

I have not seen a single fact that proves that the wall would be effective in reducing illegal immigration. So much for the world’s most wonderful businessman’s cost-effectiveness analysis.

Trump’s campaign promise was not that a wall would be built, but that a wall would be built and Mexico would pay for it.

For us in Kentucky, his plan means that the citizens of Pikeville, Paducah and the greater tri-cities will pay for it. No, the greater tri-cities is not just Lexington, Louisville and northern Kentucky. It includes Waddy, Peytona and Graefenburg and the balance of Kentucky.

John C. Wolff Jr.


Trump seeks monument

Perhaps President Donald Trump is so keen on the southern border wall because it will forever be “The Trump wall.”

We have the Hoover Dam, Kennedy Space Center and myriad places named after people. Trump has a massive ego and having his name in huge gold letters on a wall may appeal to him.

Sharon Woodworth


Mexico will not pay

I can’t understand why President Donald Trump isn’t asking Congress for $99.5 billion to start his wall instead of $5 billion. Of course that would be $99.5 billion Mexican pesos which is equivalent to $5 billion in U.S. dollars. And of course he would have to ask the Mexican Congress. And of course the answer would be the same. “Diablos NO!

Craig Britton


Henhouse news

It has come to this. The President of the United States reversed himself on keeping the federal government open, thanks to castigation from his cheering section, FOX news. Yet there are those who still refer to him as a leader. Unbelievable.

Ross DeAeth


Just let them in

The best thing that President Donald Trump can do at this point is to open the border and let everyone in. With no physical or other barriers in place and no effective laws in place, there is no other choice. When the tide of people flow into the country, the liberals and Democrats will enact new laws so fast it will look like their hair is on fire.

Ted Woodley