Letters to the Editor

Letters: Trump should expand job training opportunities; If you’re pro-life, support gun control

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Focus on work skills

By all accounts, the economy under President Donald Trump is in a good place. America’s unemployment rate, for example, has remained below 4 percent for months.

But there’s still work to do. While job openings are being filled, our economy still boasts nearly seven million jobs that remain open. These are career opportunities that are just going to waste.

That’s why Trump has to stay focused on job training. His administration has already made it a priority, and it remains imperative that unemployed Americans gain the work skills they need to fill vacant jobs. Only when job-seekers prepare themselves can they find the economic prosperity they seek.

The public and private sectors should band together and fill the skills gap—especially for older Americans who have been laid off. We can’t let able-bodied Americans get left behind as the economy around them takes off.

Steve Wilson


Pro-life? Control guns

Many (or most) women who select an abortion wish they need not do so. Yes, give a woman an option to view the life involved, if she wishes. But does a politically forced, physically invasive procedure fit a democracy?

The video procedure brings to mind a helpful move politically. Require senators and congressmen to view an accurate video of an assault weapon's damage to the body every time assault weapons’ legislation is submitted.

Insist they view the assault rifle’s speed-of-sound bullet damage as it impacts the body. It may be helpful to require views of exploded organs. Then perhaps pro-life concerns will override concerns for campaign contributions from those who profit from the weapons.

Motivated by pro-life concerns, legislators may determine that assault rifle-type weapons (not all guns) are prohibited from private civilian use. A buy-back program could be created to remove such weapons held by private owners.

How would that violate the Second Amendment? Keep hunting rifles and home-protection pistols. When the amendment was adopted, the government had not yet developed adequate law-enforcement means.

David L. Hill


Speak out, pro-lifers

I for one am growing tired of the pro-life movement being held hostage by partisan political parties. It is time for citizens to show their outrage over abortion by standing up with courage and saying, “not in my house, not on my street, not in our neighborhood, not in my community, not in my state and not in my country.”

David Pokrywka


Reject Trump ugliness

As our president casually demeans and degrades our system of justice, Americans die from a culture of violence run amok. As the president pitifully spews a perpetual cacophony of lies to protect himself, our country is devastated by multiplying mass murders.

As the president builds a thicker wall of defense to buttress his own reputation and fortune, regular people like you and me suffer. As our president laughs, scoffs, points, slanders and sneers, first responders die to defend the innocent.

ISIS and Russia have succeeded in planting the seeds of destruction inside the imaginations of like-minded Americans. Our president is a curious bystander intrigued by the possibilities of this violent mania. Instead of speaking out in defense of social and world order, he sends signals and makes pronouncements that indicate he is in full support of this chaos.

America has taken one step toward ending the reign of this would-be emperor. I am disappointed that so many cast votes in support of this ugliness and I hope that by the next election, they regain their moral compass.

Sean McElroy


A breakfast surprise

The third shift at South Broadway’s Waffle House gave me an unexpected Christmas experience Dec. 21 when the waitress explained the young University of Kentucky breakfast diners had taken care of breakfast with their paid-it-forward spirit.

The cheerful and enthusiastic waitresses explained what the “Pay It Forward” movie proposed was exactly what happens in this location on a regular basis. I was surprised and joined the giving mood and did the same for my bill.

Sadly, the incredible experience was torpedoed by the incoming boisterous and demanding young pony-tailed manager. I left hoping for the sake of this great little location, he would soon be doing the same.

Don Hall