Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Lexington’s 2018 Veterans Day Parade moved along Main Street Nov. 10.
Lexington’s 2018 Veterans Day Parade moved along Main Street Nov. 10.

Please tell veterans’ stories

I’m asking the Herald-Leader to please do a story about veterans losing their benefits.

We disabled vets never have any peace or comfort when we come home because we are always threatened by the Department of Veterans Affairs taking benefits we had to fight for years to get, even though we did our job and served our country. We lose our homes and our medical care, and the VA ruins our credit by not paying bills they are supposed to pay.

The VA is killing us and is driving record numbers of veterans to suicide and taking what little hope we had just to live a stable life. Please tell our stories — at least we should be heard if we mattered at all.

Paula Hundley


Trump fans, eschew the dark side

Do the Christian evangelicals out there not understand that President Donald Trump has paid off two ex-wives to excuse his Satan-driven desires and that he’s cheated on his third? You can hate Hillary Clinton all you want but where is your conscience? Shame on you. Abandon Trump, the false apostle. You can still go back to the good side.

Mark Waggoner


An odds clarification

I think someone should correct Gov. Matt Bevin on his statement that the odds of state workers receiving a pension went down dramatically.

Actually, when an event is less likely to happen, the odds go up, not down.

C. W. Stephens


Trump’s new ‘followers’

My friends, co-workers and I could not wait until 2019 got here. President Donald Trump will most likely be spending the majority of his time campaigning in our southern and western states or anywhere else he can find people who just don’t give a damn about decency anymore. To those people Trump is an entertainer, not a real president, and that’s supposed to be okay with the majority of his base? The answer is yes.

I was so embarrassed when a man from Eastern Kentucky told a CNN reporter: “We like him because he don’t sound like no president.” Well, he’s going to hate me and my friends next year because anywhere that Trump travels to campaign for re-election in or near Kentucky, we are going show up at his rallies with a bunch of huge signs that are going to say in big, bold letters : “LOCK TRUMP UP! LOCK HIM UP TODAY! LOCK HIM UP! DO IT RIGHT AWAY!” We will probably get ejected from the place. Who’s with me?

Yolanda Averette


Tamp down utility rates

Vultures are circling. For 2019, Social Security recipients will get a 2.8 percent increase. For a person who receives $1,500 a month this will be a $42 a month increase. The school board raised taxes to cover security improvements. The electric, gas and water companies’ rates are going higher.

By my calculation, total utilities and taxes increases will take most of that Social Security increase, leaving about an extra $12 a month in my pocket. When does the retiree get a chance to get ahead? I hope the Kentucky Public Service Commission will say no to requests for outlandish increases in utility costs.

Ronald Porter


Rand Paul aids vets

Attention, military veterans: I have found it very helpful with any veteran issue to contact Sen. Rand Paul at 270-782-8303. 

We Kentucky veterans have a real ally in Paul.

Lloyd Rogers, Navy veteran