Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor on government shutdown, border wall

Ban shutdowns

We must have federal legislation making it illegal to shut down our government. I do not care whose fault it might be, shutting down our government is wrong. I am sure some politicians will tell us why this is not practical or possible. If or when they do, let’s tar and feather them, or better yet, let’s reintroduce dueling for our elected officials with a provision to not replace the loser.

Bill Moloney


Stop paying politicians

The solution is simple: If they shut down the government, shut off the politicians’ paychecks.

Our government shutdown as the “game of gimme” has become too popular when Congress and the White House can’t get something they want by honest means.

Politicians, those famous servants of the people, need to sit down, do the jobs they are so overpaid to do or get fired for refusing to work. Just like real people in the real working world have to do every day.

Judy Rembacki


Secure our border first

The United States just pledged $10.6 billion in aid to southern Mexico and Central America to strengthen their governments and promote better security conditions. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our government will not secure our border with Mexico. Our so-called leaders in Congress would rather shut down the government.

This is insane. Illegal immigrants are pouring across our borders. This cannot go on. No aid to Mexico or Central American until we fix our border. Call your lawmakers and demand action.

Thomas Lykins


Do something, GOP

We have a president who is a proven liar. Now this made-up, false border crisis is hurting millions of Americans. The Republican Party seems to believe that this false crisis and all the other lies that President Donald Trump tells do not matter.

Where are the senators? Why can’t they figure out that they already have enough votes to override a veto? Why can’t they figure out that they are now hurting Americans? 

Trump is delusional and now those delusions are harming Americans. 

Because our politicians refuse to protect us, we must protect ourselves. Please contact your senators and let them know that you do not support the shutdown. Ask Sen. Mitch McConnell to put a bill on the floor that supports opening the government.

While you are at it, please offer to teach the president about the true history of Afghanistan. His BFF Russian President Vladimir Putin has given him a set of lies that no one will support.

Mary Lisle


McConnell’s nightmare

Sen. Mitch McConnell recently bragged about “protecting moms” and his pretended non-partisanship. That hokum claim is pure baloney. Self-obsessed McConnell has long been President Donald Trump’s smiling flunky, because that ploy best benefits McConnell.

Suddenly, the entire world of Capitol Hill has radically changed with the new House and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. McConnell’s control of the Senate is now hanging by a fragile, breaking thread. And McConnell has nowhere to hide because he long ago sold his soul to Trump and Washington corruption. 

According to historian Jon Wiener, 2019 will become the worst year of Trump’s life. With Trump frantically trying to save himself, we already know the depth of his loyalty. This year will soon become McConnell’s genuine political nightmare.

Michael Gregoire


Wall a necessity

The border wall is in part a long-overdue solution. But where do the problems with illegal immigration actually lie? Currently about 12 million immigrants are estimated to live here illegally.

Everyone in public office is required to take the oath of office, and by failing to honor that oath and to disregard and ignore the law, those who do so demonstrate their belief that there is one set of laws for us and another special set for them.

The problem with enforcing immigration law is deeply rooted in the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, and that may be a covert plan to extend its pool of constituents at U.S. taxpayer expense.

The cost of the wall will save billions in the future and will serve as a message that America is a nation of laws that must apply to all of us equally if our country is to survive the unseen future.

Lisa Johnson