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Letters: Time to send Bevin packing; Pandora Box of gender classifications

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Associated Press

Send Bevin packing

A Dec. 28 article in The Wall Street Journal stated that government data show teachers and “other public education employees, such as community-college faculty, school psychologists and janitors, are quitting their jobs at the fastest rate on record.”

“The educators may be finding new jobs at other schools, or leaving education altogether: The departures come alongside protests this year in six states where teachers in some cases shut down schools over tight budgets, small raises and poor conditions,” the article said.

Kentucky is one of those six states. Instead of supporting our hardworking teachers, Tea Party Gov. Matt Bevin has tried to prove our public school system is broken, so he can “fix” it with charter schools.

Born in Colorado and raised in New Hampshire, Bevin supposedly took a liking to Kentucky while stationed at Fort Knox in 1990, yet I’ve never heard him say one good thing about our state. Instead he constantly finds fault and makes problems.

Our educators and our children deserve much better than this carpetbagging-troublemaker, poor-excuse for a governor. My New Year’s resolution is to send Bevin back to Colorado or New Hampshire or anywhere outside Kentucky in November 2019.

Mark Heinz


Unfortunate Trump toll

The government has shut down, the economy is going south, and the last sane person in the White House, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, has resigned in protest. This is what happens when a president cares more about his own image than about the country. This is what happens when leaders care more about their party and careers than they care about their country.

Regardless of how egregious, reprehensible and unconscionable President Donald Trump’s tweets, motives and irresponsible decisions, the enablers and sycophants say “That’s unfortunate, but he’s the president.”

“Unfortunate” was former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s response to the president’s tweet about “fine people” who marched through Charlottesville, Va., carrying Nazi flags. It became the operative response from Sen. Mitch McConnell and other Republican defenders, who seem to suggest that the president’s repugnant remarks and lies are just regrettable slips of the tongue.

This president appears to be unable to feel guilt, remorse, compassion or empathy — not for migrant children separated from parents, not for Kurds in Syria who depend on U.S. troops and not for government workers facing a bleak month, thanks to the Trump shutdown.

Shirley Baechtold


Assaults on morality

There has been a swell of immoral challenges coming to our local churches and conservative communities lately that have with avalanche force created very uncomfortable situations.

I’m referring to sexual orientation and gender identification language that has abandoned male and female definitions and opened a Pandora’s Box of definitions. This includes drag queens reading to elementary children in public libraries. It confuses our moral compasses and bullies our children’s innocence.

Many in the LGBTQ community talk loudly of intolerance, but they themselves have no tolerance for the Christian community and the future of our local businesses with religious convictions.

David Carr


Bigotry not welcome

A recent letter writer wants to impose his fanatical religious beliefs on others who do not share them. I have seen the system where a woman in physical danger from an unwanted pregnancy had to beg a hospital board for permission to terminate the deformed fetus that would likely kill her before the pregnancy was full-term.

The all-male board had all the power; the lady had no authority over her own body.

We have religious freedom in this country and, for now, a woman has the right to choose.

The letter writer should give someone else the power to deny him the medical care he and his doctor believe he needs. How about, “No, I don’t think your prostate infection needs treatment. Sure, it’s painful but it’s better to do without antibiotics. Just let your body cure itself. It might take months of pain and misery, but it won’t kill you. Maybe. Anyway, it’s not your choice.”

The writer should go someplace else to practice his bigotry — not in my house, not on my street, not in our neighborhood, not in my community, not in my state and not in my country.

H. Stephen Midkiff

Mt. Sterling