Letters to the Editor

Trump, Obama, Bevin and more

It sounded good. Oh, well

So, you elected the most corrupt and least competent president in the history of the United States. You thought a blacksmith might do well as a surgeon. It sounded good at the time.

You thought we needed a businessman to run our government. Everyone knows business and government are exactly alike. And he had filed for bankruptcy only four times. All those lawsuits by his workers seeking to be paid could happen to anybody.

And who cares about morality? Kids learn that stuff on the playground nowadays, anyway. Shucks, you wish you could find some pretty little thing to cheat on your wife with.

And you believed him when he told you that the mining jobs would be coming back in droves. You really thought he could revive the horse and buggy. He said he could.

And that woman running against him, she had those emails. Yeah, you knew she was the most qualified candidate to ever run for president, but man, those emails were being talked about on Fox News all the time. There had to be something wrong there. You didn't know, but it's what they said.

Oh well, too bad.

Jeff Howard


Middle class, take heed

When Barack Obama was president, conservatives spread the fake news that liberals were waging wars on the three Cs -- Christianity, Christmas and Coal. This was based on liberals defending the rights of all citizens to be free of discrimination as required by the U.S. Constitution and also requiring that wealthy coal magnates give miners and the neighbors of the coal mines a safe, healthy environment to work and live in. Right-wing opinion makers pushed this to cover up the real conservative agenda, the war on the middle class.

In Kentucky, Gov. Matt Bevin is leading the war. He wants to break the teachers’ union and have medical review panels so no victim of a doctor’s negligence can ever get justice. Conservatives will agree because they are not teachers and they have not been disabled by an incompetent doctor.

Conservative politicians need to continue giving tax cuts to the rich to fund their negative re-election campaigns. Once the conservative politicians push retired teachers and injured patients out of the bottom of the middle class, they will need more liberal “entitlements” to scapegoat. Your liberal middle-class safety net could be cut next.

Kevin Kline


Pension bill, part 2

During last spring’s legislative session, our governor and his supporters attached a large-scale pension reform measure to a bill related primarily to sewage. It was a pathetic irony that after several failed attempts to push through ill-conceived pension reform measures, Gov. Matt Bevin and his supporters would try to ramrod through a massive overhaul of state workers’ pensions by attempting to hide it in legislation aimed at sewage. State and national media had a field day. Protestors flooded the capital and Bevin accused them of being responsible for children being molested.

Recently the Supreme Court struck down the bill. Now Bevin has been at it again, calling a hastily organized and ill-conceived special session to introduce pension reform bills that virtually no one had read or had time to analyze. The purpose was, of course, to push through pension reform once again with no financial analysis and no time to understand fully the bill’s impact.

When we allow leaders to decimate the rules for running our government, we are begging for extreme abuse of power. Obviously that lesson has been completely lost on a portion of our legislature and our governor.

Ernie Whisman


Climate scare tactics

The United Nations and the U.S. government have issued climate change reports calling for drastic changes in our economic and energy policies. Each report in the last decades has raised the alarms to ever-higher levels.

Earth’s climate has been changing for millions of years. Climate science is a relatively new subject and we have much to learn. No science is “settled science” and climate science is one of the most unsettled.

The alarming reports are based on current knowledge. The news media and politicians select the scariest predictions because both benefit from them. Predictions made by previous models are wildly at odds with actual measurements of Earth’s temperatures. Even measuring Earth’s temperature is imprecise, and what is the meaning of a one- or two-degree temperature change? Are rising carbon dioxide levels bad? Rising carbon dioxide creates more verdant forests and increases crop yields, making food more affordable.

Thinking mankind could have more than a tiny impact on climate change is the height of arrogance. Thinking politicians and bureaucrats should be granted the power to make sweeping changes in our economic and energy policies is the height of stupidity.

Ray Davis


Register to vote

Let’s look ahead to the next election. Are you registered to vote? Did you vote last November? If not, why not?

We live in the greatest country in the world — the United States of America — where it is a privilege and responsibility to vote to choose who will govern. So don’t neglect your privilege and responsibility. Please register and vote.

Ann Allison


New wall design

There need to be four walls, 50 feet by 50 feet, with slit windows. President Donald Trump would be on the inside peeping through the slits and cursing at Sen. Mitch McConnell to get him out.

Bill Manuel


The real emergency

The southern border is not a national emergency. The real national emergency is President Donald Trump.

Jody Lambert