Letters to the Editor

Timeless questions, plus ‘Where’s McConnell?’


Where’s the leadership?

There is an old adage that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. This applies to Sen. Mitch McConnell, who, during this government shutdown, has alternated between playing the ostrich with his head in the sand and adapting the demeanor and appearance of Alfred E. Neuman, of “What, Me Worry?” fame.

He is supposed to be the Senate majority leader, but has shown absolutely no leadership on this issue. But I guess it is no surprise that a man who has put party over country for more than 30 years would find it difficult to change.

I hope McConnell proves me wrong and gets the government reopened.

Tanner Smith


A little late for that

President Donald Trump has told Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that he can’t accept their Democratic offer to restart government without any Mexican border wall funding offer because he’d “look foolish”. Well, Mr. Trump, in fact that boat set sail many moons ago.

Gene Lockhart


Annoyed white dude

In a few months, I’ll be 63 years old. I’m not an “angry old white man,” but I am a very annoyed old white man. I mention my race only to bring up the fact that I’m not racist in the least, having friends of many colors and ethnicities.

I hate, despise, loathe and don’t like the direction in which this country is headed. This is due in large part (but not totally) to President Donald Trump. In spite of his bullying, “Cadet Bone Spurs”’ is a coward to his core, which explains his affect and actions.

I feel sorry (not much) for the poor man, as he feels the truth of his avarice, pride and lust closing in on him. Maybe it’s karma, or that what happens in the dark shall come into the light (such as the Russia and Saudi Arabia business).

I take no pleasure whatsoever in having written the above. I sincerely wish Trump would have some epiphany (as Saul to Paul), and show at least a trace of kindness, humility, and sympathy and empathy for his fellow citizens of this country and the over seven billion human beings that inhabit this precious blue dot we call Earth.

Steve Gardner


Scary thought

Imagine another disaster of the magnitude of 9/11 or Pearl Harbor striking the United States. How do you think the current administration would react? This scares me to death.

Greg Schorr


Something stinks

That President Donald Trump’s base and the Republican Congress continue to support this man is truly deplorable. They say they see a great economy, low unemployment and lots of conservative judges being named, etc. I see great damage to our democracy with a crashing stock market, a White House with multiple scandals coming from all directions, a weakened free press, an undercut justice system and FBI, and a diminished presence on the world stage.

Surely there must be a tipping point for them. Trump lies and cons daily to deflect his lack of understanding on almost every issue. He has no comprehension of military tactics and strategy, but has nevertheless gone totally rogue in Syria and Afghanistan. What’s more, he probably has been in collusion with the Russians to serve his own financial and political interests. 

Any semblance of competence at his cabinet level has vanished and been replaced by toadies. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis eloquently pointed out the mistrust Trump has caused among our allies as well as his misdirection towards authoritarianism. Less eloquently, I would like to say, bottom line, this president stinks, totally stinks and needs to be replaced, now.

Dr. John M. Fox


Timeless questions

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Stephen Hawking’s final book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, explains that “before the beginning” is irrelevant, because without time there can be no before. The Bible would seem to disagree because it states that God was already hanging around “in the beginning.”

Are humans boxed into the wonderful elegance of math and physics? What about Euler’s constant and Pi? Should humans consider an outside-the-box possibility of something else? Is the race to Mars indeed the last frontier, or do humans have unfinished business within our humanity?

Doug Epling


Congrats, GOP

I am very glad that Republicans consider it a win to take health coverage away from millions of Americans.

Timothy Mark Burton


True price of cheap gas

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and President Donald Trump must be the reason for the cheap gasoline. Reporter Jamal Khashoggi bad-mouthed both the Saudi prince and Trump, so he was eliminated to set an example to reporters who report unfavorable news about them. Is the symbol of acceptance for this evil deed cheap gasoline?

Robert Ray Lillie