Letters to the Editor

Dear Mitch. Writers sound off about our senior senator.

Where’s Mitch?

When Mitch McConnell first ran for the Senate in 1984, his opponent was the admittedly comatose “Dee” Huddleston. Mitch’s ad campaign? Bloodhounds scouring the landscape hunting for Dee.

Some 800,000 Americans who work for us are being held hostage to the ego of a cruel manboy whose allegiance is to the Russian mafia.

Where’s Mitch? Where is the great senator from the River Road Country Club, the person who could end this completely unnecessary embarrassment in a day? At least Huddleston didn’t hold the door open for our enemies or allow public servants to be used as pawns. Wherever you are, Mitch, call home. America is looking for you.

Steve Stahlman, Lexington

Vote on existing funding bill

Why until weeks into the shutdown did Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuse to bring to vote existing funding bills to reopen government when 40-50 percent of Americans have only $500-$1,000 or the next paycheck for emergencies?

Is it because 28 GOP senators, including McConnell, will be up for re-election and need their diminishing anti-government base?

Is McConnell again in secret meetings with corporate lobbyists and GOP donors to spring legislation for voting without discussion, like “middle-class” tax cuts for the wealthy? Or packing the Supreme Court/federal judiciary with right-wing extremists to the diminishment of human/civil rights?

Those tax cuts, tariffs and the longest government shutdown in history are raising the deficit while destroying small farmers and businesses, down-line suppliers and the oldest to youngest citizens.

Why isn’t McConnell shutting down GOP colleagues/advocates of a “national emergency” co-opting military and federal agencies under control of the authoritarian-admiring President Donald Trump? There’s a thin line between emergency and “takeover” in our democracy weakened by Trump and the current power-grabbing, white-male Republican Party.

Those elected are supposed to represent/reflect us, not maintain a closed shop for themselves.

Ramona Rush, Lexington

Politicians, not statesmen

Are Kentucky legislators statesmen or politicians? A statesman is one who acts for the welfare of most constituents with little or minimal personal gain. In contrast, politicians expect to attain a goal of personal gain, e.g., re-election, power or recognition through political maneuvers. A statesman thinks about the next generation, a politician about the next election, supporting the party and the president.

A state’s ranking in many life parameters is one method to evaluate how effectively Kentucky legislators have served the constituents. Kentucky is not faring well when we are in the bottom ranks of median income, educational attainment and health status with the highest rates of smoking, drug addiction and cancer deaths in the United States.

Mitch McConnell has been a senator since 1985, is serving a sixth term and has been the Senate majority leader for the past two years. U.S. citizens are not served well with McConnell exemplifying the role of the selfish, controlling politician by his refusal to allow the Senate to vote on a bill to end the government shutdown and allow government workers to be paid and resume their jobs.

We need statesmen and stateswomen to improve living conditions and opportunities in this state.

Sharon L. Sheahan, Lexington

McConnell selfish

Maybe we should hold a town hall to allow the folks of Kentucky to show Sen. Mitch McConnell that it is his time to be the man that folks voted for over and over again. He has the ability to bypass the president after a veto to open the government. McConnell is more worried about 2020 than folks being out of work and being bullied by the president (who lacks integrity). He is more concerned with himself than the country.

If he hears from the folks of this state maybe it would be a call to action. If not, maybe he will not be re-elected because he is a selfish leader who is willing to support this president whose downfall is ever-looming. Maybe McConnell could be held accountable by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a co-supporter to Russia for assisting with the destabilization of United States. Maybe he does not know his job as an equal to the executive branch.

Scary, so scary.

Debra Erb, Georgetown

Vote out McConnell, others

This shutdown is nothing more than a Trump Brand bankruptcy. As with his business deals of the past, President Donald Trump has manufactured failure for his personal gain. As in a business bankruptcy, the people whose livelihoods are ruined are the employees and contractors. The wealthy walk away with a slap on the wrist and a license to continue their bad-faith business dealings.

Count Sen. Mitch McConnell as one of the easy-living wealthy actors in this farce because McConnell is a moral and political investor in Trump’s sham. In this case, though, the abettors of this crime against the citizenry will not slink away in anonymity. We have the power to unseat McConnell and all other Trump flunkies. With our votes, we can shame these false prophets of Republicanism and drive them out. Those who are perpetuating this unwarranted shutdown should be thrown out in shame. They have been misusing their responsibilities of elective office for subterfuge instead of sustenance.

No one else but these cynical and power-hungry Republicans is responsible for this shutdown and the general political malaise of our country. Kentucky and America deserve better than fools such as McConnell, Trump and Gov. Matt Bevin.

Sean McElroy, Lexington

McConnell a failure

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s job is to help pass good legislation for the people of Kentucky and the United States. It’s not to obstruct the work of Congress by toadying up to an irrational president. No one, not even President Donald Trump, can say in advance what he will sign.

The holders of the puppet strings – Russian President Vladimir Putin, North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and apparently Rush Limbaugh – must weigh in before Trump can establish his position on things.

The government funding bills supported by Congress before the shutdown should be approved and sent to the White House. If Trump fears the ire of his puppet masters, he has the option not to sign, allowing the bill to become law in 10-days time.

Alternatively, Trump can veto the bills, allowing Congress the opportunity to override the veto. This is how our system of government is designed to work.

McConnell has been a failure as a leader and an advocate for Kentucky. His priorities have been self-service and obstruction. It’s time for McConnell to get out of the way and allow Congress to function for the good of the people it’s supposed to serve.

Meg Dumaine, Cynthiana

Help our country

History may remember Sen. Mitch McConnell for winning the partisan battles, but also for helping lose the war for the body and soul of our nation.

The battle is about supporting President Donald Trump and his base to enable the election/re-election of McConnell and his caucus. The war is about resisting the destruction of our Constitution, truth, freedoms we enjoy and the democratic values and rule of law that it supports.

It’s time to think more about long-term patriotic strategy than short-term partisan tactics. If our nation loses this war, our electoral processes will be in the past, and winning elections will be a nostalgic memory -- a very dead issue.

There are ways to override presidential vetoes and McConnell knows what they are. He should use them for the greater good of our country. Now is the time for all good (and patriotic) citizens to come to the aid of their country, not their party.

Julian Turner Lyman, Jr., Lexington

Why, Kentucky?

Technology is so advanced that a wall will not make a difference. Republicans have controlled Congress for the past four years and do not want immigration reform. The reason is that the Republican Party represents big business, and big business would rather pay illegal immigrants less than minimum-wage with no benefits to make more profit. That’s why Republicans have done nothing about illegal immigration.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell does absolutely nothing for middle-class Americans and has done so for years. He is the right hand of President Donald Trump, and rubber-stamped the tax cut for the wealthiest Americans while middle-class taxes are going up. Where are Trump’s tax returns? McConnell will never ask for them.

My question is to the people of Kentucky: Why do you keep electing Mitch McConnell? He is stealing your money and soon will be stealing Social Security and Medicare.

J.T. Kelsch, Hawthorne, N.J.

Kentucky boycott

I did not vote for Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell. I don’t live in Kentucky. He is punishing 800,000 of my fellow Americans, many who are veterans; have families to feed; have serious medical needs, and live paycheck to paycheck. He is also screwing with the economy and safety of America like a tinhorn dictator.

It is obvious to me that McConnell fears President Donald Trump, the head of the Republican Party and a pathological liar and a bigot who is without any human empathy or soul. Now, with the revelation that Trump may be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spy-puppet, I wonder if McConnell is complicit on that score. I cannot reach McConnell by phone — it is always busy. I don’t live in Kentucky, so his email is blocked to me.

He was elected by the people of Kentucky and no other state. I believe he is a coward, a traitor and a present danger to our American democracy.

In response, I am initiating a boycott of all products or services from Kentucky. If the people of Kentucky wish to perpetuate this Trump/McConnell shutdown, then they better get ready — they’re about to get a shutdown of their own.

David Saperstein, New Rochelle, N.Y.

For shame, McConnell

What happened to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s “oath” he took every time he was re-elected? Why is he not doing the job he was voted in to do? We do not elect our representatives to represent the president but to represent us the people, his constituents. In my opinion, he is just as much as petulant child as President Donald Trump. Shame on him.

Janet Levy, Hidden Valley Lake, Calif.