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Progressive just another word for communist, and other interesting thoughts

Photo slideshow: Transylvania University open basketball practice

Transylvania Pioneers open basketball practice at the Beck Center
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Transylvania Pioneers open basketball practice at the Beck Center

Heartfelt apologies

As an American citizen, I am deeply distressed by what has happened and is happening in our country.

I apologize to those whose lives have been upended because they have had to work without pay or have been furloughed.

I apologize to those soldiers who have willingly gone to countries far from home to keep us safe and who have obliquely been called “suckers” because they fought for freedom.

I apologize to every black family who has lost a son or daughter to gun violence because our president and our Congress have refused to demand that the sale of guns be lessened and never be sold to anyone who doesn’t pass a rigorous test of their sanity and their intentions for the ownership of guns; and I apologize to every family who has lost children to gun violence.

I want to apologize especially to the families and friends of the young children who have died under our care. Most of us have not endured the pain of having to bury a child whose only sin was wanting to grow up.

All I can do is work more to elect those who have better ideas for living in this great country.

Marjorie Fey Farris, Richmond

What about Transy?

I realize that basketball players at my alma mater, Transylvania University, will not, first of all, be one-and-done players, and secondly, will not make several million dollars by the time they are 20 years old. They will, however, have a college degree and be prominent people in their eventual hometowns.

So why are these people not important enough to get a small write-up in the local newspaper when they play (win or lose) a basketball game, and when the game is played in that newspaper’s hometown?

I was once told that because some games are played late in the evening, there is not time to get those write-ups in. Recently, Transylvania played at 3 p.m. University of Kentucky played at 8:30 p.m. Who got the write-up? I will say one positive thing – the Transy score was listed in the state scores.

Don’t get me wrong – I love UK sports. And I watch when they play. But couldn’t the Herald-Leader at least recognize the other college in town has a sports program? After all, we’ve been around for almost 240 years.

Bill Ward, Class of ‘53, Lexington

Dems enemy of people

I used to think terrorists were our worst enemies. I have changed my mind. I now think it’s the Democratic Party. They have no regard for the safety and security of our citizens. They don’t mind that illegal immigrants come into this country and then murder, rape and rob our people. It’s fine with them.

President Donald Trump wants $5 billion to build the wall, which is a mere pittance in the budget. Yet Democrats would gladly spend that much on researching the sex life of a frog in the Amazon jungle.

Some of our citizens have become so dumbed-down that they elect lunatics like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They call themselves progressives, which is just another name for communism.

Trump is doing a great job. It’s a shame that he has to get flak from so many people.

Doyle Glass, Lexington

Racism ‘human-being thing’

I read an article recently claiming that “racism is a white thing.” As a Native American, I found that was an interesting but totally untrue theory. Let me explain why.

I attended an inner-city high school in Albuquerque in the 1970s. My fellow classmates consisted of 40 percent Chicano, 30 percent black, 20 percent white and 10 percent Native American. Interestingly, the two groups who the biggest issues with each other were the Chicanos and blacks. Everyone hated the white people. As a Native American, I “knew” we were better then everyone else.

So yes, Virginia, racism is not a white thing. Racism is a human-being thing. Certain groups of people just don’t like other groups of people due to human nature. Think about it. Do people from Kentucky like people from Tennessee?

Jerry Johnson, Lexington