Letters to the Editor

Writers sound off on Covington Catholic controversy, bishop’s column

Praise for Sandmann

We highly commend Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, a 16-year-old, randomly selected young man who so calmly stood, patiently smiling, while being harassed by a political activist drumming in his face. The earliest video showed this, with no vile looks or reactions present. Sandmann, his parents and teachers should be praised and honored for his exemplary respect and behavior.

But the extremely biased, unfair news media, which never reported the number of attendees at the March for Life, chose to attack and destroy this teenager. Consequently the public, his own school and religious hierarchy, swallowed it hook, line and sinker, condemning him and threatening to possibly expel him from school. A diocesan bishop wrote a disparaging opinion piece criticizing Sandmann’s wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

We thank and highly commend anyone who expresses support for the president, who has done his utmost to prevent the butchering of tiny human babies still living in their mothers’ womb. These boys made the sacrificial trip to our nation’s capital showing respect and support of the tiniest, defenseless human beings. Such a response is utterly despicable.

Hilda Pullen, Lexington

Bishop wrong

As additional footage of the Lincoln Memorial incident emerged, it became obvious that what was presented as truth wasn’t what it first appeared to be, but instead, an orchestrated attempt at character assassination by radical activists practicing identity politics and amplified through social media.

Prior to the Nathan Phillips’ encounter, the boys were savagely provoked by the Black Israelites’ group shouting racist vitriol. This was the story news organizations should have been covering. The boys weren’t the aggressors.

Phillips knew what he wanted to happen when he put himself into the center of that situation. And he got it, at the expense of death threats to children.

Lexington Bishop John Stowe said he is ashamed of the students and apologized on behalf of Kentucky Catholics.

This public indictment at a time when the boys are receiving death threats is a disgrace. How painful it must be for those families to read the bishop’s empty words. If I could speak to the boys, I’d tell them that it’s not wrong to be male, or white, and that they aren’t oppressors.

Catholics don’t need the bishop to apologize for them. They’re not guilty. But those boys deserve an apology from the bishop.

Mike Seltsam, Lexington

Support life

Bishop John Stowe in his recent opinion piece fails to identify what the students from Covington Catholic did for which he feels compelled to apologize, and then he follows with criticism of the pro-life effort as having become “a stand-alone issue,” disconnected from “other issues of human dignity.”

Abortion, contraception, human cloning and experimentation, euthanasia, assisted suicide, infanticide, sexually activity outside of marriage (i.e., adultery, homosexuality, etc.), are all condemned as intrinsically evil, according to Catechism of the Catholic Church. They are never, under any circumstances, morally permissible.

Indifference to others, war, capital punishment, the environment, immigration, health care, drugs and poverty are all issues which need to be concerns of Christians, but Christians can reasonably differ on the approaches to address these issues.

The unwillingness to draw a clear distinction between core human life issues, which are morally and intrinsically evil, and issues and concerns about which Christians can reasonably and morally differ, is simply a pro-abortion ploy to undercut the church’s opposition to the killing of unborn children by abortion.

Northern Kentucky Right to Life stands with those who stand up for life. God bless the students from Covington Catholic and their chaperones.

Fred H. Summe, President, Northern Kentucky Right for Life, Newport

Painful to see

The parents of those Covington Catholic High School boys should seriously consider doing some remedial work with their children about the dignity of all human beings. It made me wince to see this on the national news.

Cindy Frase, Lexington

Movie hero missing

Where was Billy Jack during the demonstrations in Washington, D.C.?

“Keep America Beautiful.”

Melvin Austin Cosby, Lexington