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Letter writers take media, bishop to task

Dozens of teens criticized over treatment of Native American veteran at Lincoln Memorial

Covington-Catholic students were criticized over the treatment a Native American elder received when he tried to walk through the group. Nick Sandmann said he -- and his classmates -- were not mocking the man or blocking his path.
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Covington-Catholic students were criticized over the treatment a Native American elder received when he tried to walk through the group. Nick Sandmann said he -- and his classmates -- were not mocking the man or blocking his path.

New hat slogan

The Covington Catholic High School boys would have been better off wearing IPNTF hats: I Promise Never to Fornicate. (Fornicate: to have sex with someone you are not married to.)

Suzanne Zivari, Lexington

Bishop’s comments appalling

I am absolutely appalled that Lexington Bishop John Stowe believes the “secular news media’s” reporting on the annual March for Life was adequate this year because of their framing a racist story about some of the children who participated in the march (“Wearing a Trump hat? That’s not exactly pro-life, says Catholic Bishop John Stowe.”, Jan. 23, Herald-Leader).

He claims he is “ashamed” of the high school students, who were being bullied by antagonistic grown men while they waited for their bus at the previously appointed location.

This shepherd-of-souls also wants us to believe that the slogan “Make America Great Again” has no place at a pro-life event. Has he no “eyes to see or ears to hear”? This nation of ours has butchered 61 million innocent babies thus far, and has extorted money from us taxpayers to do so. Once upon a time, America would never have considered doing such a thing. Certainly, a return to reverencing life would be a great start to Make America Great Again.

The bishop needs to wake up and turn his condemnations toward the perpetrators of violence, not toward the victims.

Anna Wilson, Walton

Stowe column slanted

In reading Lexington Bishop John Stowe’s blatantly prejudiced op-ed in the Herald-Leader; I wonder what, if any, involvement Stowe has had in the pro-life movement. Who are the “peace activists” he thinks started the pro-life movement? I’ve been involved in the movement for more than 40 years and still haven’t met or heard of the involvement of any peace activists.

The one item that seems to set off Stowe was the MAGA hat. Apparently it sports “... the slogans of a president who denigrates the lives of immigrants, refugees and the people from countries that he describes with indecent words and haphazardly endangers with life-threatening policies.” Apparently the 62 percent of Kentuckians and over 62 million Americans who voted for President Donald Trump aren’t enlightened like Stowe because we voted for such an odious ogre.

The bishop of Covington, Roger Foys, has done the right thing and apologized for his rush to judgment in condemning the students of Covington Catholic. Foys said that he and the diocese were bullied into making a statement before all the facts were known. I wonder if Stowe and other members of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky weren’t part of the bullying.

Stan Barczak, Walton

Hats easy to take off…

Judging from the moral outrage over the misguided, inherently biased media response to the events at the Lincoln Memorial involving students from Covington Catholic High School, the folks involved feel they were treated unfairly. Perhaps they can find solace in the words of Martin Luther King Jr.:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

If only they could remove their hats...

Dan Berry, Stamping Ground

Media distortions

I think every Kentuckian should be up in arms over the treatment of the Covington Catholic students. Even if people are of a liberal bent, they should be outraged by the false reporting on this incident. In typical far-left fashion, the incident was distorted by showing only a brief segment of a video, which even in itself was totally up to an individual’s interpretation. Even supposed conservatives jumped to a false conclusion, especially the mayor of Covington, of all people.

There was a black preacher, who talked like no true preacher I’ve ever heard, saying that because the boys wore MAGA hats, and were white, they are obviously racist. Not surprisingly, the unleashing of vile and despicable insults at the boys by the Black Israelites group was hardly mentioned.

This whole incident glaringly represents the ugliness to which the Democratic Party has regressed. It will only get worse, until reasonable, morally strong individuals say enough is enough.

Scott Kennedy, Elizabethtown