Letters to the Editor

Writers sound off about whining Cats fans and bad celery

Quit your mewling

I just read comments from some University of Kentucky crybabies about the University of Tennessee robbing Vanderbilt University in Nashville. I will send them some blue crying towels. They should worry about their own team getting favorable calls instead of whining about Tennessee. I can think of a song by Travis Tritt that can be applied to the Big Blue whiners: “Here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.” I think most of them are upset because UT’s Rick Barnes, the best coach in the SEC, is winning with a team that doesn’t have a top-100 player, and Kentucky is loaded with five-star players. Maybe one-and-done university should consider recruiting players who are more dedicated to the program. Tennessee currently has one four-star and the rest are three-stars playing any amount of time. Go Big Orange.

Jerry Moore, Mount Carmel, Tenn.

Stop the wall talk

I am a Republican who does not agree with a recent letter writer. Thank God we have freedom of speech in the United States of America. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them Communists or terrorists. President Donald Trump said he would make Mexico pay for the wall, something that was ridiculous. After we spend $5-plus billion on the wall between the United States and Mexico, are we then going to build a wall between the United States and Canada? What about the oceans around the east, west and south coasts?

Walls have never stopped illegal immigration. Look at how many people died in Berlin before that wall was torn down. We pay enough taxes without adding $5-plus billion to the debt. It is time for the United States to make a budget and stick to it. Heaven forbid that government leaders would have to live within their means and enact laws that would make our lives better.

Also, we would have fewer illegal immigrants in the United States if people quit hiring them. Oh, wait; no one in the United States wants to work those jobs anyway.

Dora Jones, Nicholasville

Unappetizing surprise

I just got served dirty celery, clearly unwashed, in an appetizer. I told the server, and she asked what it was. I said: “It is dirt.” She became combative and said, “Well, it is celery” and asked what I expected. This seems like a good idea for a story in light of recent Hepatitis A outbreaks in the food industry. The attitudes of some people in that industry show they clearly are lacking needed skills. I have a picture and kept the food, and intend on reporting it to health officials.

Earl Herald, Lexington

Barr no help to Kentucky

Central Kentucky re-elected Congressman Andy Barr, and what does he do in response? In his first roll-call votes when the new Congress took office, Barr voted against re-opening the federal government multiple times – even against funding things like farm payments, food and drug safety, TSA agents, weather forecasters and more. Lots of these folks, in Central Kentucky and around the country, missed paychecks needed for rent, food, medicine, and more. Perhaps Barr and his banker friends will give all his affected constituents no-interest loans.

Who is Barr working for? Sure doesn’t look like it’s us.

Mark Swanson, Lexington

Gas tax solution

We in Kentucky have so many problems that need fixing and with our current tax income the legislature cannot address them.

I propose a bold solution. We need tax income and I propose an increase in the gasoline tax. A tax increase of $1 per gallon will raise $1.9 billion per year. Over 14 years that is $28.5 billion dollars, exactly the shortfall in our pension plans. We can exempt farm fuel use. If consumers don’t want to pay the tax they can walk, bike, bus or carpool if they want to avoid the higher cost of gasoline. Consumers can also buy more fuel-efficient vehicles.

We can solve our problems or wallow in them. All it will take is leadership by our elected legislators. I will encourage my Sen. Damon Thayer and my Rep. Phillip Pratt to be bold. Please encourage your elected legislators.

Russ Whitney, Georgetown

No sympathy for devil

“Those are the rules. Don’t break them.”

I bet the American Indians wish someone had told the European settlers this 300 years ago. They probably wish they had built a wall around the whole country thousands of years ago. And, “Democrats disrespect rules.” Well, how about the eight years of obstructionism from the Republicans during President Barack Obama’s time in office? What goes around comes around.

There is no respecting someone who has told over 6,000 lies in the last three years, who sounds a lot like Joseph Goebbels and who is a sexist to women and a racist. The whole Republican Party and the National Rifle Association are enabling President Donald Trump. The Republican representatives and senators are in collusion with the Russians and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the same as Trump. All the Republicans do anymore is lie. Evil is evil, regardless how you spell it. For now, the Republican Party is doing a good job of playing the devil.

Victor Privett, Nicholasville


When it comes to building a wall, one has to ask: In the Christian realm which side of the wall would Christ be on, standing with those that have or those that have not? No doubt it would be interesting to hear the answers given and the justification of such.

Bob Sutton, Springfield