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Letter writers aren’t happy with Trump’s leadership, ‘destabilizing jerkhood’

Trump pushes for border wall in State of the Union address

President Trump emphasized the importance of a border wall during his State of the Union address and said he will "get it built."
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President Trump emphasized the importance of a border wall during his State of the Union address and said he will "get it built."

President serves us

U.S. representatives are elected to represent the people, senators the states. The president is elected to lead the nation and represent us internationally. When these entities find common ground, good things are accomplished. Currently, this is not the case.

The president has failed to convince the people that building a wall along our southern border is worthwhile. Polls show only 35 percent of the people support this; while 55 percent oppose it Our members of Congress rightly reflect this divide. Rather than recognize this failure and re-evaluate the issue, the president proudly allowed the government to shut down, a callous act.

After careful study of data published by the Department of Homeland Security, I affirm the majority position, and urge our representatives to hold fast to achieve a more effective solution to our immigration problem. Furthermore, I urge the president to listen to all of the people to find the common ground and an acceptable solution.

In our democracy, the people have the power and responsibility to ensure we are governed righteously, and the president is obligated to pay attention to the aggregate versus his base. We people run the country. The president serves us. This makes America great, always has, always will.

Edmund S. Miller, Lexington

Trump a failure

Republicans went down in flames under President Donald Trump’s leadership in the midterm elections, leaving him little influence in Congress. Congress has only two means of exerting influence – setting policy and the power of the purse.

If policy is clear in legislation, the courts can slap an overstepping president’s filthy hand in support of Congress, as Trump has found out. Trump set his priorities on spending before the elections. When he signed a bill of massive, absurd tax cuts, he de facto vetoed any discretionary spending in the future.

For Trump to now demand discretionary spending for his antiquated wall that will be added to the national debt without a funding source is beyond ridiculous. Trump’s destabilizing jerkhood, inability to harness public opinion, loss of elections and inability to work the system highlight his gross failure.

Allen T. Kelley, Lexington

Use kid gloves with Trump

Does anybody really think this “Nancy vs. Trump” media frenzy will do anything but ignite the worst impulses in a very dangerous man?

Turning the recent standoff over the wall and the shutdown into a playground fight between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump only serves to enrage Trump, further polarize the country and distract from the seriousness of these negotiations.

When the headlines shout “He caved” or “Pelosi wins”, or someone like Ann Coulter calls the president a “wimp” and gets widespread coverage — this can only drive Trump to retaliate with even more destructive measures.

How do you approach a mad dog? Carefully.

With this president, you might tip-toe. You might even find a way to let him think the three-week reprieve was a gesture born out of his concern for all the workers who were suffering, or that his little nod toward DACA, while not nearly enough, at least showed that he cared about these kids.

Why not try to nudge him in a new direction? Why continue waving a red flag in front of a bull?

Jean-Marie Welch, Lexington