Letters to the Editor

Readers praise Prather, Eblen for columns on religious issues

Paul Prather, left, Tom Eblen, right.
Paul Prather, left, Tom Eblen, right. Herald-Leader file photos

Religious evolution

It was with great interest that I read Paul Prather’s column last month concerning the PEW Research Center’s report on our nation’s longtime continuing trend away from organized traditional religion to a more spiritual and open belief system (“A ‘striking finding’ from 2018: number of illegals has decreased over the past decade”, Jan. 3).

It bodes well for our country if our religious belief system continues to evolve toward Europe’s, as Prather put it.

We can only hope that people will continue to turn away from the paternalistic, antagonistic, divisive, abusive, war-mongering and judgmental Judeo-Christian mythology that has created so much misery in our world.

As our society continues to embrace a more open and inclusive vision of spirituality and humanity one can only say “praise the Lord.”

Thomas Martin, Lexington

Thanks to Prather, Eblen

I enjoy Rev. Paul Prather’s weekly commonsense messages in his Herald-Leader column. They help us follow our Lord with a worthy mission. Prather’s plan to attend a seminary course is a great idea that will keep him up-to-date with religious education and will help students learn about some wise basics he has used in his ministry.

I also enjoyed Tom Eblen’s column, “Where are Christians in the face of social injustice? As in MLK’s day, mostly MIA”, Jan. 18.

When dad served in the Navy in World War II, my white parents taught me in Mississippi and New Orleans how poorly black Americans were treated. They objected to blacks having to ride in backs of buses and not being allowed in most restaurants. The churches in the South were silent then against racism and most in the South are silent now.

I was taught in a Corbin Baptist church, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black, brown and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world!”

Bob Terrell, Corbin

Plaudits to RNs

I recently made my first foray into the American health care system via my first surgery and first hospitalization. I am recently retired and have led a healthy lifestyle for most of my years. This medical journey was a very eye-opening and disconcerting experience. However, I must say that besides the skilled surgeon, the health care providers who stood out during my month-long medical ordeal were the registered nurses.

This diverse group consisted of female and male caregivers, some new to the profession and some with years of experience. Delightfully, they hailed from several different cultural backgrounds. All possessed the skill, knowledge, bedside manner and coordinating/discharge abilities that helped me deal with this medical challenge. The registered nurses (RNs) navigated me and my family through a very uncertain and traumatic time in our lives. We will always be grateful and appreciative of the RNs who assisted us through the American medical maze. RNs rock!

Susanna Ward, Lexington

Local analysis better

Trudy Rubin’s opinion piece suggested that withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria could lead to a slaughter of the Kurds and, hence, the withdrawal of U.S. troops is not now warranted. (“Forget the wall. The real security crisis is Trump’s solo foreign policy-making mess”, Jan. 11, Herald-Leader). But Rubin offers no global geostrategic or geopolitical reasons as to why that could be the case.

Her view, and that of The Philadelphia Inquirer, is almost the same as that of the editorial boards of the The New York Times and The Washington Post, both of which, like the Inquirer, support U.S. forces to remain in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, but do so at great cost to the welfare of the American people, as I stressed in an opinion piece I submitted to the Herald-Leader.

I wonder if the Herald-Leader ever considers that an analyst from Kentucky could ever be more right that journalists or editorial writers of The New York Times and The Washington Post or reporters from McClatchy?

Robert Olson, Lexington

A wall solution

The best way to get the Democrats to fund a border wall is to put Make America Great Again hats on all the immigrants.

Throw in a few Trump 2020 T-shirts, and they’ll build it personally.

Oliver Purdom, Versailles