Letters to the Editor

Letters: There’s other fires closer to home; Barr’s wish for AOC apology highlights GOP hypocrisy

Fires closer to home

In the wake of the purportedly accidental burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the deliberate burning of three African-American Baptist churches in Louisiana, and the current discussions of slavery reparations, I believe collective action should be taken by all patriotic Americans to make a bold moral statement.

The Notre Dame catastrophe was an event that affected millions of people around the world who are of the Catholic faith, among many others. So far, no less than $700 million has been donated to the cause of rebuilding this historic structure, with much more to come. In contrast, toward the plight of three African-American churches in Louisiana that were the targets of hate, a disappointing sum of $1.2 million has been collected thus far. This is disappointing, not to the pastors and members of these churches, who seem grateful for and humbled by any donation, but as a reflection of American character and sense of patriotism. What should be happening is a massive, collective movement, not only in support of the Louisiana African-American community, but also in defiance of the spread of white supremacy in our country.

We must focus our empathy as well as our monetary activism on the community nearest to us and in the most need.

Sean McElroy, Lexington

Barr afraid of AOC

Regarding Congressman Andy Barr’s “demand” for an apology from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Barr regrets his decision to invite AOC to Kentucky because he did not expect her to accept. Now he is afraid that if she comes to visit coal country, the workers there will only be reminded of how little he and the Republican Party have done to save their jobs or help clean up their communities. They will see AOC as well-spoken, direct, and intelligent with better ideas than Barr and the Republicans have had in decades.

This “demand” also highlights the extraordinary hypocrisy of Barr and many Republicans because they fail to demand that the president, and leader of their own party, apologize for the numerous insults to war heroes, people of color, and women.

Greg Schorr, Midway

Really, Rep. Barr?

So, Congressman Andy Barr doesn’t approve of the “incivility” of one of those new congressional Democrats. Gee, congressman, where have you been the last 30 months? Ever hear that old line about “the pot calling the kettle black?”

Ernie Henninger, Harrodsburg

Stop horse soring

I urge Rep. Andy Barr to support House Resolution 693, the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act. This legislation would stop the abuse of Tennessee walking horses known as soring – the application of caustic chemicals to the horses’ legs to cause them to adopt an exaggerated high-stepping gait as they attempt to avoid pain.

The process is so gruesome it cannot be described in a family newspaper. These animals spend their days lying in their stalls, groaning in pain. The PAST Act will bring serious penalties and trained, certified inspectors.

Barr supports “alternative” legislation allowing trainers to self-police. This is a stain on Barr’s reputation, and it prevented me from being able to support him in the last election.

I understand that he may have supporters who are involved in this despicable practice. Any contributions should not cause him to support animal cruelty.

All reputable horse-breed and show organizations endorse the PAST Act. The only ones opposing it are those who are involved in this cruel practice and are profiting from it, and their handful of defenders in Congress. I hope Barr won’t be found among this handful from now on.

Jo Ellen Hayden, Lexington