Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Protect mail carriers from dog bites. Follow these steps.

Keep mail carriers safe

Postal Service officials report that in 2018, 5,714 letter carriers experienced dog bites or dog attacks. With deliveries every day, carriers continue to experience dog bites in urban, suburban and rural settings.

Dog attacks and bites are preventable when dog owners remain vigilant and properly restrain their dogs.

To ensure mail carriers’ safety, dog owners must securely lock their dog in another room until a delivery exchange is done. If outside, dogs must be leashed at a safe distance from the mailbox.

When a carrier feels unsafe, mail service could be interrupted, not only for the dog owner, but for the entire neighborhood. When mail service is interrupted, mail must be picked up at the Post Office. Service will not be restored until the dog is properly restrained.

Thank you for protecting your pet and our mail carriers as we continue to bring packages and correspondence to your door each day.

Nicolas Benrey, Customer Relations Coordinator, Lexington Post Office

Wall ‘anarchy’

What is this junk about how a Trump border wall will not work? Is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a military strategist? It seems like anarchy has infected the entire Democratic Party. Our country was not founded as democracy. It was founded as a republic.

Joseph A. Nunn, Lexington

Border walls ineffective

After World War I, both France and Germany built fortified walls along their common border. The Maginot Line in France and the Westwall in Germany, also referred to as the Siegfried Line, were barriers that were supposed to be able to prevent any army from crossing the border.

In World War II Germany got around the Maginot Line through a forest in Belgium the French thought was impassible and conquered France. Almost five years later, as the U.S. Army was driving the Germans out of France, the German army occupied the French Maginot Line fortifications, and then retreated to its own Westwall fortifications to try to stop the U.S. Army. The U.S. Army was able to drive the Germans out of both fortified walls and went on to victory over the German army.

That is typical of the history of protective walls. Two thousand years ago the Roman army specialized in breaching city walls that were considered impregnable while using military conquest to build the Roman Empire.

President Donald Trump claims that history proves walls are effective. Unfortunately, this is another “alternative fact” for conservatives who want to believe what they wished was true rather than what is actually true.

Kevin Kline, Lexington

Kudos to UK debate team

Congratulations to Coach Dave Arnett and the University of Kentucky 2019 national champion debate team. It should be noted that the debate team reached national prominence and continued on that path under the guidance of debate coach Dr. J.W. Patterson. Patterson coached the debate team for over 40 years and at 91 years of age continues to mentor and be involved in debate tournaments all over the country. He also awards debate scholarships to deserving high school students thru the J.W. Patterson Foundation and continues to promote the ideals and scholarship associated with debate.

Maybe these amazing students on the UK team could teach our president how to address the issues of our day in an articulate, civil and intellectual manner.

Mike White, Lexington

Take a stand, Republicans

Why have Republicans let their party become the party of Trump? The party of Trump lies to the American people each and every day. The party of Trump sends out “tweets” that contain misinformation and berates individuals who disagree with Trump. The party of Trump gives tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations while threatening to raid Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid which benefits our seniors and the poor. The party of Trump scoffs at climate change and wants to drill for oil in our protected lands. The party of Trump wants to expand gun availability instead of protecting our citizens from gun violence. The party of Trump divides our nation instead of bringing us together.

Our own senator, Mitch McConnell, supports this agenda. When are the Republicans going to stand up and reclaim their party from the party of Trump?

Barbara Plymale, Lexington