Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on the Democratic primary for governor

Adkins friend of education

Kentucky voters will determine the future of Kentucky with their votes on May 21. They will set into motion the trajectory of public education, the eventual future of public pensions and economic opportunities available.

I will vote for Democratic House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins for governor because he is the best advocate for public education. He has been a teacher and has a history of supporting public education.

His platform includes funding the underfunded public schools; establishing free community college and job training; protecting public pensions, and increasing economic opportunities by bringing 21st century jobs to Kentucky and filling them with adults who have benefited from community college education and job training.

I believe Adkins has the best chance of defeating our incumbent anti-education governor. Adkins is the proven statesman in this field of candidates. He has shown us his ability to work across the aisle during his three decades of service in the House.

Nancy Cox, Somerset

Edelen an innovator

Kentucky is blessed with three excellent Democratic candidates for governor, but only one is carrying out a program that is transforming Kentucky’s landscape for the better. Adam Edelen has put together a project that is going to do just that and also lower people’s energy costs. Edelen’s 700-acre solar energy field in Pike County, when completed in a few years, will power the equivalent of 100,000 homes. It will be one of the largest solar installations in the country and will put 400 out-of-work coal miners back to work and establish Kentucky as an oasis of innovation.

Edelen’s ability to bring together folks of differing beliefs and backgrounds to achieve important things will serve him well in working with Kentucky’s Republican legislature. Kentucky coal has kept the lights on for a long time, but solar is the energy that will bring us a bright future, having become less expensive, cleaner and providing far more jobs.

Edelen is a big thinker and a careful planner. Everything in his political platform is connected to everything else. His “politics” brings together the interests of coal company executives with manufacturers and unemployed miners, with utilities and with local towns and citizens.

Richard Levine, Lexington

Candidate of integrity

In the very near future the citizens of Kentucky will have the opportunity to elect our next governor.

The man currently holding that position was born in Colorado and raised in New Hampshire. A wealthy, successful businessman, he can in no way relate to those of us born and raised in Kentucky. His disregard for our teachers and union workers is proof enough. Currently we have several men seeking the position but nearly every one of them shows questionable ethics or scandalous behavior, and only one man stands apart from the rest with over 30 years of unblemished service and devotion to us. That man is Rocky Adkins.

He is a solid man of his word who will not tolerate corruption and will do nothing but good for us all. His record of service is exemplary of these facts. Please research every candidate before voting and you’ll find Adkins has the moral and ethical values as well as the integrity and commitment that make him unquestionably the best choice.

Ike Calhoun, Ashland

A team player

In 1978, as the newly hired basketball coach at Morehead State University, I didn’t have to look far to land my first recruit, Rocky Adkins from Elliott County High School.

As proud as I am of his leadership and accomplishments on the court, I am even more impressed with his work since then. What he has done as a state representative and House leader has consistently made him one of the General Assembly’s most valuable players.

The intangibles he had as a player and now as a legislative leader tell me everything I need to know about what kind of governor he would be. I have no doubt he would spend every day with a singular focus on one thing: how to make his team —the people of Kentucky — even better off. And he would remind us all that there is no “I” in team.

Wayne Martin, Winchester