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Letters to the Editor: Readers weigh in one more time before primary election

Listen to the Kentucky Democratic governor candidates on pensions

Hear from the 2019 Democratic candidates Adam Edelen, Rocky Adkins, and Andy Beshear on how they plan to address Kentucky's ailing pension systems.
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Hear from the 2019 Democratic candidates Adam Edelen, Rocky Adkins, and Andy Beshear on how they plan to address Kentucky's ailing pension systems.

Adkins ‘Kentucky to core’

As a lifelong Republican and 35-year-resident of Lexington I am excited to see a Democrat come along who can unify the commonwealth with effective, commonsense leadership and defeat Gov. Matt Bevin in November.

House Minority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins has served honorably in the legislature for 30 years and while I may not agree with all his policy positions or proposals, it has always been clear that his top priority is working in the best interests of our commonwealth. He has consistently pursued his policies in a positive bipartisan manner.

Having conducted a straw poll among my personal network, most of my Republican friends across the state feel the same way about Adkins. He is experienced, energetic and Kentucky to the core.

With only two other major elections across the country this year (neither of which should be very competitive), it seems the eyes of the nation will turn to Kentucky, giving us a unique opportunity to show our fellow Americans some bipartisan unity in this divided national environment.

I urge my Democratic friends and neighbors to get out and vote for commonsense Kentucky values. Adkins will make our commonwealth proud.

Carole Jones Palmer, Lexington

Integrity a Beshear hallmark

When looking for a Democratic candidate for governor, character matters. The candidates agree on many issues and all of them would be better than current Gov. Matt Bevin, but the difference to me is that the integrity of Beshear really stands out. Based on the diverse representation within Beshear’s office and campaign staff as well as my personal conversations with him about issues affecting people of color, I am confident that Kentucky would become a healthier place for everyone if he were elected.

Beshear cares about people. I have seen how this deep-felt drive to make people’s lives better has fueled much of his work as attorney general to stand up for those who need it most. He’s stood up for victims of human trafficking, abuse, scammers, big insurance companies and the big drug companies. His faith is really important to him and compels him to look out for others. After three years of Bevin, we need to return to decency. With Beshear as our candidate, I know we will have a supremely genuine and caring person to stand up against Bevin. This contrast will be clear for all the voters in the general election.

Shambra Mulder, Lexington

Adkins most electable

On May 21, Democrats must choose the pro-life candidate for governor. I urge this even though I am deeply pro-choice. Why? Because we cannot afford to lose this election. Now more than ever, we should resign ourselves to the wishes of most Kentucky voters. Let’s give up the abortion battle—temporarily—to win the larger war.

Kentucky Democrats enjoy an embarrassment of riches in the governor’s race. Any one of the three major candidates offers a wealth of relevant experience, strong leadership, and policy solutions.

But many Kentuckians vote on one issue. Like it or not, they care most about protecting the unborn, as they see it. While a majority agrees that Democratic positions on education, healthcare, wages, and environmental safety can usher in a brighter future for Kentucky, they sacrifice these concerns because their moral frame of reference requires them to prioritize abortion and vote pro-life.

We ignore this reality at our own peril. We’ve sacrificed seats in the legislature and other offices because we fight for abortion rights in a state where many voters draw their line in the sand on this issue. We should vote for the candidate who the best chance of winning in November — Rocky Adkins.

Kelli Carmean, Lexington

Dems’ best chance — Adkins

As we prepare for the upcoming elections, each of us must do far more than commit to vote. These elections are too crucial to the future of public education for us only to devote a short time waiting in line. The decisions made on will determine the future of the Kentucky we know and love, the Kentucky where our children and grandchildren will either thrive or struggle.

I chose months ago to support Rocky Adkins to become our next governor. Foremost among my reasons is Adkins’ ongoing advocacy for public education. A former teacher himself, Adkins has repeatedly supported school employees while in the legislature.

The other reason continues to be my strong belief that Adkins has the best chance of any Democrat to defeat our anti-public education governor and to return a voice of reason – not one of anti-teacher rhetoric – to that office. I have observed his ability to relate to the voters of rural Kentucky, and possessing that ability is essential for a Kentucky Democrat to be successful in November. Reclaiming the governor’s office and protecting public education are important enough to me that I can put aside my left-of-center views and support Adkins.

David Allen, Frankfort

Trigg candidacy makes sense

My vote for commissioner of agriculture will go to Joe Trigg because of his advocacy for production controls with price supports. Such measures obviously are necessary if farmers and farmland are to survive. I have been waiting 50 years to vote for a candidate with sense enough to stand for those principles, which assured the success of the tobacco program.

Wendell Berry, Port Royal

Tobe for auditor

By electing Democrat Chris Tobe, Kentucky voters have the opportunity to restore relevancy to the office of state auditor. Tobe’s aptitudes, education, training, and experience far exceed those of the other candidates in the race combined, including those of the sitting state auditor, Republican Mike Harmon.

Tobe led the state auditor’s first examination of Kentucky’s public pension plans in 1997-98, and that perspective later led him to become a thorn in the flesh of plan management when he was an appointed trustee. He has kept the pressure on by shining a light on corruption and illegal and unethical investment practices.

Tobe’s real-world knowledge of finance and investments makes him the best qualified watchdog we can employ for the next four years. His time-tested thick skin makes him our best hope for standing up to the entrenched greedy interests that have deprived us of prudent and productive public investments.

Kentucky faces a fiscal crisis. Now is not the time for on-the-job training in the state auditor’s office.

Ed Hatchett, Glasgow

Coots great fit for auditor

I am supporting Kelsey Hayes Coots who is running for state auditor. Coots is a proven leader, public school teacher, and outstanding grassroots advocate. She has a complete vision for the auditor’s office and will be a passionate watchdog for our tax dollars.

Her fresh prospective and new energy is what we need right now in Kentucky, and she will be a key component of the Democratic ticket in the fall elections, when we take down Gov. Matt Bevin.

To find out more about her campaign, go to her website.

Teri Mills, Lexington

Bevin’s failings

Gov. Matt Bevin has …

  1. Not removed new taxes on services that were tied to the overturned pension law and the new teachers going to 401Ks.
  2. Allowed his education commissioner to fire teachers for little-to-no cause over charter schools that were rejected by the legislature.
  3. No proactive plan to go after the fentanyl/heroin dealers, only the continued climate of blame toward the users.
  4. Not shown up, along with Robert Goforth, for any of the debates, causing the Republican KET debate to be cancelled and League of Women Voters’ debates to be diminished.
  5. Not secured the two companies to build in Ashland and Pikeville, but spent some or all of the $30 million to get them to break ground.

That’s why I’m running for governor. Visit my website for my 40-year resume and ideas to fix our Kentucky problems.

Ike Lawrence, Lexington

Goodman thoughtful

Please support Judge Julie Goodman for Fayette circuit judge on May 21. I’ve practiced in Goodman’s court almost weekly since she became a Fayette district judge in 2008. She has always been thoughtful, faithful to the law, and very pleasant to all who come before her. The sheer volume of cases in district court requires judges to move quickly through their dockets in order to avoid long delays for the parties. Goodman has shown an ability to get cases resolved quickly, while also giving each person thoughtful consideration of their case. She has been able to consider the human element present in each case, while remaining faithful to the ruling that the law requires. Nearly every person leaves her courtroom feeling respected and fairly treated, regardless of the outcome of their case.

These wonderful qualities, which she has demonstrated in her 10 years as a judge, when combined with her years of experience as a trial attorney make her the best choice for Fayette circuit judge.

Stephen L. Marshall, Lexington

Goodman involved in community

Judge Julie Goodman would brings to the position of Fayette circuit judge 40 years of legal experience with over 10 of those years as a sitting Fayette district judge.

She is a respected member of the legal community and I believe she possesses the qualities and experience necessary to be a successful and effective circuit judge.

Besides her experience on the bench, she has also been an educator. Goodman places high value on community involvement. She has volunteered with many organizations including Shriners Hospital, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, and Transylvania University 100 Doors to Success mentor program.

Goodman has the initiative, dedication and temperament to serve us well as circuit judge.

S. Brandl Skirvin, Lexington

Todd diligent, professional

I am writing in support of Tommy Todd, who is seeking election as a Fayette circuit judge. When Kentuckians vote on May 21, I will be casting my ballot in Boone County. Nevertheless, I wanted the people of Fayette County to know what kind of man and attorney they have the chance to elect. I first met Todd when I was a young lawyer handling a nasty civil case in Fayette County. We were on opposite sides. His clients were owed money. The money owed directly impacted his client’s ability to continue operating during the Great Recession. Despite the stakes, Todd treated me with class and professionalism. I routinely seek his advice on Kentucky law. He is an expert practitioner whom I have entrusted referring several matters to. Each time the client has received an excellent result because of Todd’s diligence. The vast majority of Fayette County’s citizens has little, if any, interaction with the court system. But for those who do, they want to be treated fairly, respectfully and with the dignity they deserve. I can think of no person who better exemplifies those traits than Todd.

JB Lind, Florence