Letters to the Editor

Letters: Democratic candidates for governor; Republicans for secretary of state

New direction with Beshear

Kentucky families cannot take four more years of Gov. Matt Bevin’s war on workers, public schools and teachers. I’m a teacher. I’ve seen firsthand how under his administration, Kentucky is falling behind other states and working families are struggling just to stay above water. We desperately need a new direction and nothing else matters if we don’t replace this governor in November. To do that, we need a Democratic candidate with a vision for a better Kentucky, and one tough enough to stand up to this bully of a governor. That is why I am voting for Andy Beshear.

Beshear has released a healthcare plan that will protect Kentuckians with pre-existing conditions and bring down the costs of prescription drugs. He will grow our economy in a way that works for working families, not just the wealthy CEOs.

Most importantly, he has a proven record of going toe-to-toe with Bevin, and winning. Time and time again when Bevin has broken the law or attacked teachers or first responders, Beshear has been there to fight back. Beating a Republican governor in Kentucky will not be easy, but Beshear knows how to win tough fights. Please vote for Beshear.

Laura Hartke, Lexington

A ‘commonsense’ candidate

I am a 72-year-old Army veteran and lifelong Democrat. I’m becoming more liberal the older I get. So, if I let myself, I probably would vote for Adam Edelen in the upcoming Democratic primary, but I am not going to.

The divisiveness savaging both the country I served and Kentucky has become intolerable. We have moved, as someone said, from a government founded on separation of powers to one based on separation of parties, and the damage already done is terrifying. It is not time to elect a governor who comes charging in on his high-horse waving the flag of progressivism or of reactionary politics. We have one of those now, and all we get is insults rather than results and late-night trickery rather than open government.

It is time for a governor who will work with the legislature, not just with his party; who will stand by the rule of law, not mock the courts; and who call us to work for hard, long-term solutions, not easy short-term fixes. I’m looking for a commonsense governor who will climb down off that high-horse of office and take up the hard work of herding cats.

I’m voting for Rocky Adkins.

David L. Arnold, Versailles

Adams for secretary of state

Secretary of state – our chief elections official – is an important job, and too important to leave to a novice. Only one candidate in either party has election experience: Republican Michael G. Adams. Adams has a national election law practice serving conservative candidates and causes across the country, including pro-life and pro-Trump. He’s ready to do the job on day one.

Vote for the most qualified candidate on May 21: Adams.

Ron Ray, Georgetown

Knipper can protect voters

Because of all the shenanigans from Alison Lundergan Grimes in the Kentucky secretary of state’s office it is imperative we replace her with somebody who has a career in cyber security and information technology. The only person who has that qualification is Republican candidate Steve Knipper.

How many times have you heard about irregularities and fraud when it comes to elections? The voters of Kentucky deserve to have the confidence when they go to their polling places that their vote will count. Knipper is the only person running for secretary of state who has already addressed these issues and has the experience and a comprehensive plan to restore faith and integrity to voter rolls.

He has also served as chief of staff to the lieutenant governor and knows his way around Frankfort. Knipper has worked hard for Kentucky and will continue to improve voting for all Kentuckians. We need a real leader in the secretary of state’s office who knows how to protect voter information, and can hit the ground running. We need somebody who will make sure every vote counts.

Kentucky needs Knipper for secretary of state.

Bill Marshall, Midway