Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor on election for Fayette Circuit Court judge

The Fayette Circuit and District courthouses in downtown Lexington.
The Fayette Circuit and District courthouses in downtown Lexington.

‘Fair and capable’

Circuit judge is an important role in our community, and Judge Julie Goodman’s experience and temperament set her apart from the field and make her an obvious choice. Goodman has been on the district court bench for more than 10 years and has proven herself to be a fair and capable judge. Prior to her judicial service she was a nationally known litigator, and has experience in both civil and criminal trials. Her service to the community is both remarkable and a reflection of the commitment she has to Fayette County. I have been fortunate to practice law in the commonwealth for almost 57 years, and I can say without hesitation that Goodman is among the finest judges I have encountered. I hope you will join me in supporting her.

W. Terry McBrayer, Lexington

Todd has experience, work ethic

I have worked with Tommy Todd for the past 20 years professionally and personally. His ability to listen to the situation, analyze the facts and present a fair and reasonable solution qualifies him as the superior choice for the Fayette circuit judge position. He has demonstrated a clear understanding of the law in wide variety of areas. My personal experience with him includes real estate, construction, financial, and family law.

Todd is a Lexington native, and a University of Kentucky graduate. His tireless work ethic and experience truly qualify him as the candidate for circuit judge.

Jim Kemper, Lexington

Stadler well-qualified

If you have ever had to select the best doctor to evaluate a serious medical condition, it can be frightening. How do you know how to choose? I’ve been in this position and had to rely upon the advice of someone I trust in that profession for a recommendation.

Similarly, most citizens have little exposure to our court system. When given choices of whom to vote for in an important position like a circuit judge, they don’t have any knowledge about the candidate.

The primary election for circuit judge on May 21 is such a situation. This should not be a popularity contest because you personally like a candidate or they have out-postered the field. I have practiced trial law in Lexington for 49 years, and I respectfully urge you to seriously consider voting for Steve Stadler. Please look at his web site.

Stadler has been an assistant county attorney in my office since 2009, and has extensive experience in child support, criminal prosecution and our important civil division. I have seen firsthand he has the qualities, intelligence and temperament to be a great judge. He is an outstanding attorney, and would be an asset to our circuit court.

Larry S. Roberts, Fayette County attorney, Lexington

Experienced, accessible

The voters in Fayette County are fortunate that Judge Julie Goodman is running for Fayette circuit judge. I have known Goodman for many years. She has had extensive litigation experience as a practicing attorney and years of experience on the bench as a district judge. Her experience, knowledge and temperament make her an outstanding candidate for this position. And if you have met her during the campaign, you know how accessible she has been to the citizens of Fayette County. Please cast your vote for Goodman.

Marilyn S. Daniel, Versailles

Fair, dedicated candidate

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tommy Todd, candidate for Fayette circuit judge, for nearly 30 years. I worked as his paralegal years ago, and my husband and I have relied on his deep legal expertise many times since. It was an honor to work for him, and I saw firsthand his love for Lexington and his integrity and commitment to doing the right thing, always with an open mind. We know him personally and professionally to possess the fairness and dedication necessary to serve this community. Put simply, he is a good man, and it would be a privilege for Fayette County to have Tommy Todd on the bench.

Toni and Andrew Ryan, Lexington